Vitamin D offers significant protection from covid-19, but states won’t dare impose Vitamin D mandates

Suntrex D3™ is a natural vitamin D3 supplement formula that boosts the immune system, assists with calcium absorption, promotes brain health, and more.Public health edicts coming from the state, county and corporate levels have focused strictly on controlling human interaction, with mandates for people to cover their mouth and nose. What if these same authorities decided to empower the people with solutions that halt infection, instead of holding human movement, behavior and breath captive indefinitely? What if the states and counties enacted Vitamin D mandates and encouraged the population to do something for their own immune system to mitigate viral attachment, to limit viral load and to halt viral replication? A new study shows sufficient vitamin D levels lower the positivity rate for covid-19.

Are you responsible for the inevitability that someone will get an infection?

Under the current public health edicts, every individual is made to feel responsible for the health of everyone else. If the individual does not do as they are told, they are shamed for spreading diseases, even if they aren’t infected or exhibiting any signs of infection. If the individual must be responsible for the inevitability of infection in someone else, then why aren’t more individuals taking the virtuous path and boosting their immune system from within?  Blaming others on the inevitability of exposure and infection has become some kind of virtuous norm, even though it is the most selfish mindset to take on. An individual is ultimately responsible for his/her own health.

The truly virtuous ones are strengthening their own immune system, warding off infection from within, while connecting with others and participating in a free and open society.

Vitamin D is one of many ways the population can overcome covid-19 and set their minds free from livelihood restrictions

If the population must be required to do things to their body in order to make people feel safer out in public, then why not distribute simple, cheap and effective solutions that allow people to live with the virus, instead of living in fear of the virus?

A study from the Boston University Medical Campus provides a “strong correlation” between higher vitamin D levels in the blood with a lower positivity rate for covid-19. The patients who were deficient in vitamin D (less than 20 ng/mL) were 54 percent more likely to test positive for covid-19 when compared to those who had sufficient vitamin D levels (at least 30 ng/mL). This fact proves that public health officials initially harmed the population with lock downs on children’s parks, state parks and beaches. The “stay home, stay safe” mantra convinced many to stay inside and therefore blocked their ability to manufacture vitamin D from the sun.

Lead researcher of the study, Dr. Michael F. Holick, professor of medicine, physiology and biophysics and molecular medicine, said, “We evaluated more than 190,000 blood samples from patients of all ethnicities and ages infected with COVID in all 50 states. We observed that the higher that the patient’s blood level of 25-hydroxyvitamin D was, up to 55 ng/mL [nanograms per milliliter] lower was their risk of being infected with the coronavirus.” (Related: How many more lives could have been saved if Vitamin D was distributed when the China virus hit?)

If everyone agreed to get the recommended level of 400-1000 International Units (IUs) of vitamin D on a daily basis, then outbreaks of covid-19 and other infections could be prevented at the source. If people were empowered with solutions and given hope that their immune system is capable, then the fear of exposure would dissipate. If healthy people gave their body what it needed to stop infections from multiplying, exposure to the air and the environment wouldn’t matter. When people let their immune system develop antibodies, immunity is conferred to the individual, making them a benefit to society. Ultimately, if more people took this approach, individual immunity would build into a certain level of herd immunity that would confer greater protection to the most vulnerable.

Lance D Johnson

For more, visit VitaminD.News.

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Suntrex D3™ is a natural vitamin D3 supplement formula that boosts the immune system, assists with calcium absorption, promotes brain health, and more.

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