Exploring the inhibitory activity of Tinospora cordifolia (heart-leaved moonseed) against diabetes symptoms

Researchers at Osmania University in India investigated anti-diabetic efficiency of the leaf extract of Tinospora cordifolia (heart-leaved moonseed), a plant used in Ayurveda and traditional folk medicine. They reported their findings in an article published in the International Journal of Green Pharmacy.

  • Cell Fuzion™ is an advanced antioxidant formula that protects cells against harmful free radicals and environmental toxins. It also supports healthy aging.Diabetes mellitus is a metabolic disorder that affects many people around the world, according to the World Health Organization.
  • Because of its prevalence, natural, non-toxic agents like plants that can treat diabetes with very few side effects are needed.
  • For their experiment, the researchers obtained the active fraction of T. cordifolia (AFTC) methanolic leaf extract and isolated the active compounds using chromatography.
  • They then characterized the phytochemicals using liquid chromatography and identified four active alkaloids, namely, magnoflorine, jatrorrhizine, palmatine and berberine.
  • The researchers tested the T. cordifolia extract and magnoflorine in rats with streptozotocin (STZ)-induced diabetes. They specifically looked at the extract and compound’s ability to inhibit the activity of aldose reductase.
  • The researchers found that the extract and magnoflorine restored serum glucose to normal levels, just like the standard drug, metformin, did.
  • Both also remarkably prevented weight loss to a similar extent as metformin.
  • Additionally, treatment with either the extract or magnoflorine significantly inhibited aldose reductase activity.

Based on these findings, the researchers concluded that T. cordifolia extract and magnoflorine have immense anti-diabetic potential and can be developed into potent antidiabetic medications.

Read the full story at this link.

Evangelyn Rodriguez

Journal Reference:

Cherku PD, Reddy PK, Bittlingu K, Priya K, Dasari S. INHIBITORY ACTIVITY OF LEAF EXTRACT OF TINOSPORA CORDIFOLIA AND MAGNOFLORINE ON ALDOSE REDUCTASE FOR CONTROL OF DIABETES. International Journal of Green Pharmacy. 2019;13(3):186-192. DOI: 10.22377/ijgp.v13i3.2588

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