Australian politician develops Bell’s palsy, “droopy eye” on live television while taking covid vaccine

Livatrex® is an enhanced vegan-friendly, herbal blend that supports liver detoxification and promotes normal, healthy function of the liver and gallbladder.Just as a Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccine” needle was being plunged into his arm while on live television, New South Wales (Australia) Customer Service Minister Victor Dominello developed Bell’s palsy, complete with a visibly “droopy eye.”

The moment the mRNA chemicals were being dispensed into his muscle tissue, part of Dominello’s face became paralyzed, a hallmark of Bell’s palsy. His one eye also started to close, which left viewers wondering if he was “winking at the camera.”

As it turns out, Dominello was unable to feel that side of his face post-injection. He later confirmed via Instagram that he was officially diagnosed with Bell’s palsy, a condition that is commonly seen after a person is injected with one of Donald “father of the vaccine” Trump’s “Operation Warp Speed” injections.

“At this morning’s press conference – a number of people commented on my droopy eye,” Dominello wrote on his LinkedIn account. “Some people thought – I was winking at the cameraman. Some thought I had a stroke. I have actually been diagnosed with Bell’s palsy.”

Dominello went on to explain that immediately after getting jabbed for the Chinese Flu, he began to feel a pain in his skull right behind his ear. He woke up that morning with “pins and needles” on the right side of his tongue, he says.

“But I did not notice any droopiness around my eye,” he added.

Dominello ignores vaccine, chalks up Bell’s palsy diagnosis to chance

After receiving a slew of information from people prompting him to seek medical attention, Dominello did just that. He was then diagnosed with Bell’s palsy, a direct consequence of taking the injection.

“The reason I am posting is because hopefully it will remind people to look after their health,” Dominello told his followers. “We are focused on Covid but there are plenty of other health problems going on.”

“If you have any health concerns – please get them looked after.”

At no point in his message did Dominello even address the experimental vaccine he received at the moment his “symptoms” appeared. In fact, he went out of his way to suggest that his newfound health problems are something different than “Covid,” and that anyone else like him who notices them should immediately seek medical care.

Only a buffoon or a shill would be so dense as to ignore the elephant in the room – so which is it, Dominello? How can you not see that the experimental gene therapy you took is directly responsible for your now-paralyzed face and droopy eye?

Fortunately, many of Dominello’s followers responded to his post by pointing out that the “unnecessary over the top C19 protocols” are causing this type of thing to happen all over the place.

“With all due respect you did take part in an experimental vaccine,” one person wrote. “Hopefully you have reported your adverse reaction. Our stats are slowly following the U.K.”

Another asked Dominello point blank: “Can you clarify if this has anything to do with the vaccination that you’ve just had?”

“You seemed well before this, as I follow your posts,” this same person added.

Meanwhile, a female official in Sydney made a public announcement calling for Australians to not “act like a human.”

“Don’t talk to your friends, even when masked,” she proclaimed. “Don’t be friendly. This is not the time.”

“The endgame of these ‘vaccines’ is population reduction,” commented one person at Information Liberation.” We were warned by various people but since it was labeled a ‘conspiracy theory’ no one took it seriously, and now it’s too late.”

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Ethan Huff

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