NO JAB, NO FOOD: Hessen, Germany, says grocery stores can discriminate against the unvaccinated

Energy at the Cellular LevelThe first federal state in Germany has announced that it sees nothing wrong with the idea of supermarkets barring the unvaccinated from shopping there.

Hessen (also called Hesse), which is home to Frankfurt, says that all retailers, including supermarkets, can now decide for themselves if they want to implement the “3G” rule, which requires that all patrons be vaccinated unless they test “negative” or are already recovered from the Chinese Virus, or a much more severe “2G” rule that requires vaccination no matter what.

As part of its Covid Healthpass Entry Rule, the Central State of Hessen is making it as difficult as possible for unvaccinated people to continue living, based on the new rules. In essence, any retailer is now free to discriminate without consequence, and is actually encouraged to do so.

According to reports, the government of Hessen actually issued a ban on unvaccinated stores “at the request of the sector,” whatever that is supposed to mean.

“We expect this option to be used only on some days, and companies that meet everyday needs will not use it,” stated Volker Boffier, one of Hesse’s leaders.

The decision was made after a court in Frankfurt ruled in favor of a barbecue store that issued a legal challenge stating that 2G rules cannot be implemented on the premises.

In its ruling the court said that there was “a considerable legal reservation for the exclusion of dealers and similar facilities from the so-called 2G rules.”

Covid crimes against humanity continue

As you might expect, the imposition of 2G rules in Hessen remains extremely controversial. Many rightfully argue that it discriminates against the non-jabbed, which in turn is increasing social division and creating more mayhem and chaos.

There comes a point when the “cure” is far worse than the “disease” – and we are wellpast that point. The entire world is crumbling by design, due to all of this – and all for an alleged “virus” that would not even be noticeable if it were not being plastered all over the media every waking moment of every single day.

Up until this point, there have not been any places in the world that have attempted to limit access by the unvaccinated to grocery stores. They have tried theaters and sporting events, which are commodities, but not yet the necessities.

This latest move by Hessen marks the first known instance of Chinese Virus fascism that aims to starve out those who refuse to get injected by depriving them of food.

Government officials in Hessen appear to have picked this precise moment to make this announcement as the cold winter months will soon arrive in Germany. Fearful of starving, some unvaccinated might end up complying out of coercion while others stand their ground in defense of their God-given right to eat without being “vaccinated.”

“Eight federal states allow businesses and event organizers to adopt the so-called 2G option,” one report explains about the situation in Germany.

“This means that only those who have recovered from vaccinated [sic] (geimpft) and Covid-19 (genesen) can enter, and those who have not been vaccinated cannot. Negatively tested (getestet) Covid.”

Recently, the entire nation of Germany made it so that unvaccinated at-the-door testing is no longer “free,” meaning the government is no longer paying for it with German tax dollars. Now, the unvaccinated will have to basically pay a new unvaccinated “tax” just to buy groceries.

“I don’t know how much longer the people can hold back from violent retribution against their local businesses and politicians,” wrote one Natural News commenter in response to a report about how France is trying to impose similar covid vaccine fascism.

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Ethan Huff 

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