Globalists planned the impending “food armageddon” YEARS ago

Oxy-Powder® is a safe and effective colon cleanse product that harnesses the power of oxygen to gently cleanse and detoxify the entire digestive tract.It might seem that the current calamities facing our country and world are all coincidentally occurring simultaneously as a byproduct of government “incompetence,” but do not be fooled: It was all planned out by these cretins years ago for such a time as this.

That Rockefeller Foundation document we recently told you about offers a mere glimpse into what the globalists have had planned for the world, probably for many decades or even longer.

Mass starvation is in the works as part of the “Reset the Table” initiative, which aligns with the so-called “Great Reset” initiative outlined by World Economic Forum (WEF) founder Klaus Schwab. Like the now-demolished Georgia Guidestones long foretold, they want a planet comprised of far fewer people than currently exist, and they want it now.

The current food shortages and corresponding inflation, perhaps needless to say, are no accident. Part of how they plan to reduce the world’s population is by depriving people of access to healing, nourishing food. Instead, they want a much smaller human herd eating bugs and fake GMO (genetically engineered) “meat” from the likes of Bill Gates.

The war in Ukraine is just a cover, as was the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) plandemic, to deconstruct the current world order and replace it with a brand new one: population 500 million. They also like to use the excuse of “climate change” to disguise their true intentions for the world.

Prepare for your great food reset, America

In case you missed it, the Rockefeller Foundation report about transforming the United States food system clearly delineates that a coming “hunger and nutrition crisis unlike any this country has seen in generations” was long in the works. That U.S. food system “reset” was formally announced in this report in 2020 at the start of the plandemic.

Since the plandemic was a success at sending a wrecking ball into the supply chain, it was followed up with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, which seemingly aims to demolish what remains of a rickety global economy on the verge of total collapse.

“Reset the Table” was released just one month after the WEF announced plans for its “Great Reset.” The two events are aligned, in other words, and WEF members all around the world are leading their respective countries straight into the pit of hell by advancing the agenda with each passing day.

“It seems nothing escapes the prophetic minds of the self-proclaimed designers of the future,” reports AllNewsPipeline about the globalist architects.

“They accurately foresee ‘natural disasters’ and foretell coincidental ‘acts of God.’ They know everything before it happens. Perhaps they truly are prophets. Or, perhaps they’re simply describing the inevitable outcomes of their own actions.”

“Right now, we’re told looming food shortages are primarily the result of climate change and the Russia-Ukraine conflict. Yet, back in July 2020, the Rockefeller Foundation had already predicted it, and was calling for a revamp of the food system as a whole to address it.”

Once America’s critical food assets are damaged or deconstructed to the point of no return – and that may already be the case with the way things are playing out – then “Reset the Table” and the “Great Reset” at large will quickly ensue. And be warned: Things will not be pretty.

“So as their story further points out, we’re clearly witnessing the Hegelian Dialectic at play, with the globalists causing the problem, waiting for the reaction from ‘the sheep’ and then giving them ‘the solution’ they had planned out long ago,” AllNewsPipeline further reports. “See how this works?”

More related news coverage about “Reset the Table” and the “Great Reset” can be found at

Ethan Huff

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