Quarantine – Is It Worth It?

“In Santa Clara County the true infection fatality rate is somewhere in the range of 0.12% to 0.2%—far closer to seasonal influenza than to the original, case-based estimates.” Wall Street Journal In the beginning was the Word; the word of the Director General of the World Health Organization (WHO) who put tremendous pressure on doctors, … Continue reading Quarantine – Is It Worth It?

Medical Gas Coronavirus Therapy

Dr. Cameron Kyle-Sidell, MD is a board-certified emergency medicine physician in Brooklyn, New York. He is affiliated with Maimonides Medical Center and is crying out that something is not right in ICU departments across America in terms of how they are treating coronavirus patients. Dr. Isaac Solaimanzadeh, practitioner of Internal Medicine at the Interfaith Medical … Continue reading Medical Gas Coronavirus Therapy

Black Monday and the Collapse of Everything

That worst-case isn’t here yet, or is it? They are already calling today Black Monday as things crash hard all over the planet. At the opening bell the Dow is down 1,884 points or 7.9% making it the greatest collapse of value in history. “It’s an absolute bloodbath,” writes Graham Summers. Ignore events at your … Continue reading Black Monday and the Collapse of Everything

Minimizing the Risks of the CoronaVirus

As the terrifying clamor of Covid-19 sweeping across the planet gets louder we need solid medical advice about what we can do to protect ourselves and our families. People are vulnerable, as ever, to the medical system, which is falling on its own sword of ineptitude. Some words of hope are coming out of China, … Continue reading Minimizing the Risks of the CoronaVirus

Viruses are pH Sensitive

There are certain important subjects that doctors and world health officials do not want you to know about. The fact that most viruses and all physiological processes in the body are pH sensitive is one of them. Despite the fact that pH medicine offers us a key to treating viral infections that is easy, safe … Continue reading Viruses are pH Sensitive

The Joke of Medical Quarantines

Medical authorities love situations like we have with the coronavirus, they have been practicing and modeling such events for a 100 years warning us time and time again that they expect a killer virus that will wipe out 50 million people. They use that as justification to take control, with even politicians unable to interfere. … Continue reading The Joke of Medical Quarantines