by Dr. Edward Group 

deep-breathing-meditationDeep breathing exercises are a measure you can take to help encourage good health. Many people overlook it, but breathing exercises and muscle relaxation do many good things. This is a great exercise you can use to improve your daily life. It is something you can practice any time you feel the need.

Benefits of Deep Breathing Exercises

  • Breathing exercises lessens your physical response to stress — use it whenever you feel stressed
  • Relieving stress helps relax your bowels
  • Helps to keep your mind clear
  • Increases the levels of oxygen to your organs

Deep Breathing Exercises: How-To

Breathing exercises are a simple practice that you can use regularly or every once in a while.

  • Inhale deeply, slowly, (over a span of about 4 seconds), through your nose
  • Hold it for a count of 16 seconds
  • Exhale through your mouth, (over a span of about 8 seconds)
  • Repeat this process nine times.

It’s important that this be a conscious activity for maximum effect. Remember to consciously control your body’s responses. For example, if you’re trying to relax your muscles, then you need to focus on the individual muscles telling them to relax. Often tension is an automatic response that turns into a state of being and you have to remind your muscles how to behave.

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