by Dr. Edward Group

Based on years of detailed research, testing, and review, Global Healing Center’s Spagyrex® processing technique is an advanced form of vegetable glycerin based liquid herbal production. Using only 100% organic vegetable glycerin and ingredients of the highest quality possible, products such as Livatrex®, Moringa, and AllerTrex® are the pinnacle of herbal and botanical extraction. We’ve received some questions as to why we chose to use vegetable glycerin as the solvent for the process, rather than alcohol.

1. Does Not Affect or Denature Active Constituents

Herbs and botanicals have many, many desirable components within their cells. Some of these, such as enzymes, are only valuable in their live state. Alcohol sterilizes and denatures, a process that affects living cells and kills them. Vegetable glycerin preserves aromatics, enzymes, and polysaccharides.

2. Micro-Encapsulates

Unlike alcohol, glycerin encapsulates extracted constituents and compounds within it’s molecular matrix. This is beneficial in that it reduces ingredient precipitation (meaning that the components suspended in glycerin stay there) and slows oxidation.

3. Preserves Herbal Taste

Vegetable glycerin is the only solvent that preserves the natural taste factors which are important to the efficacy an herb. Water doesn’t, neither do chemicals or alcohol. Spagyrex® products taste the most true to their raw, herbal ingredients!

4. Is Low GI

In the body, alcohol converts to sugars very quickly which can aggravate diabetic conditions and upset weight loss efforts. Conversely, glycerin slowly converts to sugar, preventing blood sugar spikes. This can be of supreme interest and importance to diabetics or persons who want to maintain balanced blood sugar levels.

5. Unparalleled Safety, Purity and Stability

Alcohol will kill bacteria, but that same denaturing action will also render desired and beneficial compounds inert. Vegetable glycerin deprives bacteria and spores of moisture to dehydrate and render them sterile, without negatively affecting desired compounds! Free of chemicals, Spagyrex® products are pure and safe!

It also needs to be mentioned that alcohol is of no benefit to the body and, in fact, can be toxic. This alone is directly at odds with most integrative and holistic perspectives that lead to the use of herbal extracts to begin with. Global Healing Center’s 100% alcohol-free Spagyrex® processing technologies is innovative and revolutionary. Spagyrex® processing completely demonstrates that vegetable glycerin based herbal extracts are more potent and effective than alcohol processed tinctures!

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