by Dr. Edward Group

9 Step Body Cleanse Kit | Ultimate Full-Body CleanseA few years ago, Suzanne Somers made some waves when she wrote a book entitled, Knockout, in which she profiled various doctors and practitioners who were using natural and unconventional methods to fight cancer. She also looked at a few of the conventional methods preferred by the American Medical system and offered qualified perspectives on where things were going wrong.

Get Informed About Your Options

I have to say, she did her homework and if you, or someone you know, has cancer, you really owe it to yourself to know the information it contains. It’s probably available quite reasonably on eBay or Amazon by now, and the information it contains is arguably priceless.

My intention here, however, isn’t to provide a review on a book that is two years old, but her efforts are some of what I’d like to highlight as part of a larger conversation that is constantly in progress. Summing it up in single headlines would be unfair and inaccurate, as it’s a multifaceted discussion, and one with more questions and considerations than statements.

What’s the conversation all about? Many things- Are natural methods available or effective at keeping disease at bay, or fighting diseases once they’ve been acquired? Is chemotherapy the best answer to cancer? Is it the worst? If the human body is kept in optimum shape, are all these moot worries? How do other medical systems deal with cancer? What is the goal, really?

Do Your Own Research

It’s easy to find advocates on both sides of the table, but what it’s also important to look for are examples. It’s one thing to say a method or protocol is effective, it’s another to hear from someone who had it work for them. I’d encourage everyone to do their own research and listen to who is saying what. Are they serving other interests or remaining objective?

I saw a related story earlier today, a 78 year old grandfather, Allan Taylor, in the UK was given a terminal diagnosis for cancer. His situation was so dire that even the medical establishment didn’t recommend chemotherapy. Mr. Taylor responded with a change in lifestyle and diet that included powdered grass, curry spices, and apricot seeds, among other things. Remarkably, Mr. Taylor is still alive and with improved disposition, and his protocol runs about $60/month.

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