The following remarks are concerned with the main use of SANUVIS remedies including the new tablet form for the successful treatment of various illnesses. Firstly, some basic physiological considerations concerning lactic acid are to be found in our organism, and this lactic acid also mainly intervenes in the important acid base. In a complete course of therapy which can also include other SANUM remedies, SANUVIS is always an important component.
O2-Zap® ozonated olive oil is loaded with oxygen and ozone to help promote healthy skin. May help with eczema, acne, wrinkles, swelling and irritation.A broad range of studies in medicine has been devoted to pain. Pain is described as the consequence of the stimulation of special nociceptors, which are to be found in all organs. About half of all nerves in the skin serve only to conduct pain. The nociceptors may be activated by heat (release of substances by the decline in cell tissue), mechanically (changes in polarity caused by changes on the outer surface of the cell) or chemically (by the formation of bradykinin, serotonin, prostaglandin E2).
This arrangement does not take account of metabolic changes caused by anaerobic energy output. This is the main element more frequently than one might think, and is present in all pain attacks. The common agent of all causes of pain is lack of oxygen in the cell. This applies also to changes caused by age and the increase in susceptibility to pain caused by this. In most cases it is a matter of too much lactic acid being formed.

Lack of oxygen in the cell occurs in

– injury caused by trauma;
– overstrain on the horizontally striped musculature (aching muscles);
– infarction, embolism;
– zymosis of the cell;
– cancerous cells;
dysbiosis, bowel problems;
– symptoms of old age;
– problems with the teeth.

Thus lactic acid, being a product of energy production in the cell, is the central agent in the cell. If the cell is in a state of fermentation or if the metabolism is ketoazidosic, too much lactic acid of the pathogenic type forms.
The physiological form of lactic acid is L(+) lactic acid: it is optically configured to the left (L = levo) and thus twists to the right (+). The pathological form is D(- ) lactic acid: it is optically configured to the right (D = dextro) and twists to the left (-). The right-handed form arises physiologically as a product of glycosis in the working muscle (known in German as meat lactic acid). The left-handed form arises pathologically during the anaerobic breakdown of carbohydrates into hydroxyproprionic acid. The fermentation of the lactic acid which results under anaerobic conditions can be summarized in the following equation: C6 H12 O6 >> 2CH3-CH(OH)-COOH (glucose and lactic acid). All processes only serve to produce energy. As soon as the use of energy suddenly increases (e.g. in sport), or the supply of oxygen decreases, or here is an increase in the glucagon levels, glycolysis begins to take effect.
Glycolysis is the breakdown of glucose into lactates. The lactate can leave the cell and is transported by the bloodstream into the liver, where it is either broken down into CO2 and H2O or, if there is a surplus of energy, re-formed into glucose and then glycogen (gluconeogenesis). The left-handed lactic acid causes reactions in the bloodvessels and lymph channels with consequent slowing down of its removal and destruction of the intima.
The oxygen needed to transport the erythrocytes is insufficient. Glycosis is insufficient, and alongside the right-handed (L+) lactic acid, more and more of the pathological type is formed. This is also a reason for aching muscles being a physiological symptom of overexertion. Prahm postulates above all that the lactic acid phenomenon is a symptom of excess of acid, which itself arises when there is too much right-handed (L+) lactic acid and as such is the joint cause in acute excessive exertion (aching muscles).

Medical and practical use

In general the aches and pains of the formation of an excess of lactic acid can be strongly influenced by supplying righthanded lactic acid (L+). This is confirmed by the success with the illnesses, even in cases of migraine. Result: in all the illnesses listed in the following table, one must prescribe homeopathic (L+) lactic acid remedies, for in this way the level of pathological lactic acid will be reduced and the transport of oxygen and oxygen utilisation of the cell will increase. The author uses a potency accord of lactic acid in the form of the SANUM remedy SANUVIS. This remedy in the newer tablet form is also very suitable for children and teenagers, as the tablets contain no alcohol. The ointment is used as an adjunct.
The potency accord with low and high potencies has many advantages in comparison with single homeopathic potencies. The potency accord does not only serve as a substitution, but in its medium and higher potencies it also contains the drug picture of lactic acid. This drug picture is generally dominated by strong tiredness or muscular cramps in constant muscular activity, by lasting headaches in the frontal region between the eyes with vomiting and improvement on evacuation of the bowel, as well as disturbed sleep patterns, weakness of the body and a feeling of epigastric pressure. It is worth studying this picture of aches and pains, as it is exactly these symptoms which require the prescription of SANUVIS.


ANUVIS drops: older children 20 drops two to three times daily; teenagers 40 drops two to three times daily; adults 60 drops (= 1 teaspoonful) two to three times daily. use of (L+) lactic acid in various -3-Sanuvis + Alkala N ( adults: 1 measuring spoonful twice daily + Werthmann’s diet Digestive tract Mucosa atrophy, dysbiosis >> allergy, bowel disease, liver disease, pancreatic insufficiency, healthy / sick person from age of 50 ( atrophy ) Carcinoma Patients of all types: always + MUCOKEHL
Dental patients Granuloma of the teeth, root fillings: always + MUCOKEHL
Skin patients Neurodermatitis, psoriasis De-acidification in general
Sprots injuries Aching muscles, sprains, contusins Heart / circulation Myocardial infarct, heart failure, infarct in general, angina pectoris: always + MUCOKEHl Infections Patients with influenza SANUVIS tablets: small children and infants 1 tablet one to two times daily; older children 1 tablet two to three times daily; teenagers 2 tablets two to three times daily; adults 3 tablets two to three times daily.
SANUVIS ampoules: 2ml to be injected i.m. one to three times a week.

To improve and complement treatment

For many diseases right-handed lactic acid is regarded as the remedy per se. One can subscribe to this view without further ado, but it is also necessary to take note of the causes of an excess of lefthanded lactic acid and to eliminate them as far as possible.
Otherwise the therapeutic doses cannot improve healing. Before prescribing the lactic acid remedy SANUVIS, one should consider the patient’s lifestyle before the condition started.
Many people exhibit a tissue matrix with strong acidity, whose ability to react is significantly reduced by chronic dehydration. In such cases Mucosa enteralis is always a contributory factor in atrophy. This is caused by the excessive consumption of milk and egg products. Additional alkalising and/or hypoallergenic food (Werthmann’s diet) or the prescription of the alkaline powder ALKALA N are beneficial. This is important in the case of all patients with allergies, all patients with bowel disease and particularly all older patients. Experience teaches us that when SANUVIS is prescribed in combination with ALKALA N, both the arrest of ailments caused by too much pathological lactic acid and the arrest of all chronic diseases can be achieved more quickly. Deacidification in dysbioses is achieved by cleansing the Mucosa enteralis at the same time. Of course this also applies particularly to cancer patients.

Cancer patients and dental patients

Cancer patients are suffering from a complex disease. Alongside their basic problem, the trophic Mucosa enteralis, they are the patients who are inundated with lactic acid. Such patients require high doses of SANUVIS in combination with ALKALA N and MUCOKEHL 5X at each stage of the fight against cancer, including after an operation, radiation therapy or chemotherapy.
Patients with a granuloma and/or root treatments exhibit the same complexity of ailments as in cases of carcinoma. Granuloma dentis, whether painful or not, is the place where the bacterium Leptotrichia buccalis is found according to Enderlein it culminates as Mucor racemosus. It produces pathological lactic acid.
Therefore the author would prescribe the combination with MUCOKEHL 5X tablets in both cases. It has proved itself of value again and again when this combination is taken for one week before and six weeks after the extraction. In all cases, after six months there is already almost complete ossification of the extraction scar.

Sports injuries

Sore muscles, sprains, contusions and bruising as a result of frequent gymnastics or sports traumas can be cured very well with SANUVIS ampoules. 2 ml are injected i.m. in the affected muscle groups on two consecutive days. Even the pain of tennis elbow disappears within hours. In addition SANUVIS 1X cream can be rubbed in.

Psoriasis and neurodermatitis

In skin diseases too the cells suffer from lack of oxygen and/ or excess acidity as a result of the formation of lactic acid. In addition children drink too much cow’s milk and adults eat too many milk and egg products. For a quick recovery it is necessary to follow Werthmann’s diet strictly and for a longer period of time, and to prescribe SANUVIS drops or tablets alongside microbiological remedies. In cases of psoriasis SANUVIS cream should be rubbed into the affected areas and the highest normal dose of drops or tablets should be prescribed.

Diseases of the heart and circulation It must surely be common knowledge by now that righthanded lactic acid speeds up the healing process in infarct and heart patients. Patients with Angina pectoris take SANUVIS regularly in addition to their usual treatment. Two to three weeks after the start of the course of treatment with SANUVIS the symptoms of lack of oxygen (breathlessness at the slightest exertion, heart pains) become significantly less and the intervals longer. This also applies of course to patients after an infarct of the heart or lung. This group of patients feels the full extent of the restricted performance of the muscle cells even with the smallest amount of exertion.
Such patients can be prescribed SANUVIS without further ado.

Infections and influenza

One can of course list other groups of illnesses, such as all the infectious diseases and flu infections. Most people in this group require food or a portion of protein right at the start of the illness (time of greatest stress for the body’s defences) and following thereafter right-handed lactic acid. This is however mostly the group for which the remedy SANUVIS is least considered. This does not apply only to adults but also to children. The use of the physiological lactic acid remedy SANUVIS in general practice, but also in paediatric practice, is absolutely necessary in the opinion of the author. This makes isopathic and homeopathic prescriptions considerably more effective in straightforward illnesses. Even the course of serious diseases and the aches and pains associated with them can be very favorably influenced. In particular, it should be pointed out that long-term therapy with SANUVIS can prevent many recurrences of diseases of the airways.
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First published into the German language in the Sanum-Post magazine (47/1999)

by Dr. Konrad Werthmann, M.D.
Copyright by Semmelweis- Institut GmbH 27318 Hoya , Germany All Rights Reserved

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