One thought on “Bruce Lipton, Ph.D. Epigenetics: The science of Human Empowerment

  1. Wonderful! Thank you for your recent video posts :)) I was raised in Christian Science, and I always love scientific explanations as to why Mind (Spirit) over matter works. I have Dr. Lipton’s book, and I love his logic as to how our biology responds to our thoughts and beliefs (Signals). It turns out to be scientific after all! :)) Are you familiar with Neville Goddard? He has some wonderful writings and books. The book I have is: Feeling is the Secret. According to Goddard, if you want to experience something, you FEEL as if you have it / are it / possess it / embody it — as if it ALREADY EXISTS . . . and then the physical manifestation occurs, like film developing on a photo in a darkroom. (Gratitude / love / goodness, contributes to this :)) Best to you, and thank you for the self-empowering reminders! Dawn


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