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At Global Healing, we’ve spent more than ten years perfecting our signature herbal extraction process. Our goal is to create highly energetic, potent, and effective nutritional supplements. And one of the most exciting results is the recent addition of Energized Trace Minerals™ to our liquid formulas, including our Raw Herbal Extract™ products.

Energized Trace Minerals provide the spark and energy that most extracts lack, and they make Global Healing products unique in the industry. It’s easier to capture the plant’s general nutrients and antioxidants, but extracting trace minerals from plants is extremely difficult — and most herbal extracts do not contain them! So how did we do it? Read on!

The Ancient Origin of Energized Trace Minerals

The idea of using energized trace minerals to enhance how your body absorbs other nutrients originated from Philippus Aureolus Paracelsus, a Swiss physician of the Renaissance era. He’s sometimes called the father of toxicology, having studied medicine and alchemy in order to restore youth and prolong life. He also stressed the healing power of nature.

Now, in modern times, some dismiss alchemy as the notion of turning metals to gold. In truth, it was the precursor to modern chemistry — which didn’t exist at that time. The true definition of alchemy is simply the practice of refining and purifying certain chemical materials.

Paracelsus was a man ahead of his time. This physician and scientist devoted his life to learning about health in a way that turned the medicine of its day on its ear, and his discoveries were the precursor to modern treatments for certain serious diseases. And one of his most intriguing findings was that adding energized trace minerals to extracts makes them stronger and more effective.

How Your Body Uses Trace Minerals

Elevate Your Health with MoringaWhat are trace minerals? Your body requires many minerals in trace amounts, using them in hundreds of biological processes and chemical reactions. But most diets in the modern world are so poor and monotonous that you can develop a trace mineral insufficiency or even deficiency without even knowing it.[1]

Taking trace minerals supplementally can counteract deficiencies and insufficiencies. They can even increase athletic performance.[2] But when you energize trace minerals, they can potentiate and improve the bioavailability of other nutrients. In other words, adding them to a formula helps your body more effectively absorb and use the supplement. This is the reason we add Energized Trace Minerals to our liquid formulas.

So what exactly are they? Energized Trace Minerals are energetically activated crystallized alkaline salts. Experts believe that they improve energy flow and boost your vibrational energy by enhancing the conductivity of the electrical signals in your body. These electrical impulses determine your thoughts, reactions, and overall mood and life energy. Energized Trace Minerals also make the nutrients in a particular substance, be it B12 or a plant such as tulsi, more accessible and usable by your cells.

The Addition of Bamboo Salts

We enhance the Energized Trace Mineral formula with Korean Bamboo salts, also known as Jugyeom or Jukyeom.[34] Making bamboo salts includes the five ancient elements of nature used in traditional Asian medicine: earth, water, air, fire, and ether.

Bamboo salts have rich detoxification properties and the process of making them gives the minerals they contain a high energetic state. The bamboo salts contribute to ion balance in the body and may boost brain health.[5] Studies have reported that bamboo salts may deter the proliferation of runaway cells, leading to normal cell growth.[34]

Bamboo salts act as antioxidants, deter harmful organisms, and offer other health benefits.[4] Heating the bamboo salt in no way changes the uncooked nature of any of our Raw Herbal Extract formulas. It’s akin to adding the minerals found in components of the “earth” that ancient volcanic processes have “cooked” over millennia to create the elements of our planet.

Combining raw herbal essence from freshly harvested plants with alkaline salts offers the best of ancient and modern innovation!

Points to Remember

Energized Trace Minerals combine energized alkaline salts with bamboo salts in a way that increases the bioavailability of other nutrients in our Raw Herbal Extracts and other liquid dietary supplements.

These salts contain dozens of trace minerals that the body needs to operate at full capacity, and offer impressive health benefits to boot. Including Energized Trace Minerals in our extracts is an exciting advancement in the herbal supplement field.

Have you tried any of our Raw Herbal Extracts and experienced the vibrational rise from our Energized Trace Minerals? Leave a comment below!

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Elevate Your Health with Moringa

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