This premium Turmeric liquid supplement, extracted from organic Curcuma longa root, is packed with antioxidants that support the colon, liver, and more.Are you one of those people who eats meat mainly because of the protein? That was all a myth. You can find plenty of that same protein, that’s much easier to digest by the way, in plant-based foods. Just take a look at the strength of herbivorous horses, deer, elephants and bison. Maybe you just eat meat because you like the taste, but your body is paying a price due to all that labor-intensive digestion processing – sometimes hours on end. Did you know all that taste is usually all about the herbs, spices, sauces and salt? Even the consistency can be matched with plant-based foods, you just have to learn some “tricks of the trade.”

Are you a cheese, milk, ice cream or yogurt fanatic? You don’t have to be. All dairy products cause inflammation in the human body – the driving force behind nearly every health disorder and ailment. Got mucus? Inflammation and mucus are signs you’re “doing it wrong.” Meaning that you eat what you like, but it doesn’t like you. You can make several easy and inexpensive changes to what you eat, and it will still look and taste great. We’re talking about plant-based foods and beverages you may have never even considered, yet.

Easy recipe ‘switcharoos’ for turning meat dishes into amazingly tasty plant-based versions

#1. Grill or broil marinated oyster mushrooms (use tamari soy and garlic) – tastes like the fat from a steak.

#2. Make deviled “eggs” using avocado halves stuffed with firm tofu (as filler made with vegan mayonnaise and yellow mustard). Sprinkle with paprika.

#3. Amazing burger, chicken and sausage substitutes: Check out Dr. Praeger’s “sensible foods” brand of plant-based, non-GMO vegan burgers, “sausage” patties, veggie nuggets, and even “chicken” strips, all without canola oil. Just wow. You get those great flavors and the same “mouth feel” as a meat burger or chicken patty, but with no ill-health effects in the short or long term.

#4. Fried vegetables – dip mushrooms, onions and peppers in your favorite sauce and then roll them in gluten-free flour using non-GMO oil. Then, it’s all about the sauce, folks. Try dipping them in some buffalo sauce, hot sauce, vegan-ranch, brown spicy mustard, teriyaki, or homemade “yum yum” sauce using a 50/50 mix of vegan mayo and sriracha sauce. Be sure to stay away from all dressing that contains canola oil, whether it’s organic or not. Canola clogs your blood and leads to weight gain and dementia.

#5. Lentil tacos. Buy your favorite taco seasoning mix, lentils (uncooked or prepared – Trader Joe’s has tasty ones). Chop up onions, cilantro, tomatoes and organic lettuce and you’re ready for your taco sauce, plus maybe a couple slices of jalapeno to spice it up. There’s also vegan sour cream that tastes great out there. Make sure those taco shells or soft wraps are from non-GMO sourced corn (and preferably organic).

Amazing plant-based substitutes for typical meat and dairy products

Use vegan seitan instead of chicken.

Drink organic almond milk, cashew milk or soy milk instead of cow’s milk.

Use firm organic soy (tofu) instead of fish.

Grill veggies (shish kabobs are always great) instead of burgers and hot dogs.

Use vegan cheeses made from coconut oil or almost milk and you’ll be blown away by how great cheese substitutes taste nowadays, including chedder, mozzarella, parmesan, feta and ricotta.

There are plenty of myths out there about how you’ll be deficient in this and deficient in that if you go vegetarian or vegan, and they’re all just bunk. You don’t need meat or dairy, and you never will, and you never did. It just those industries selling you inflammatory food to feed the chronic sick care nation.

Make 5 or 10 switches using these handy and affordable substitutes and never look back. Just laugh off any bad advice or critical “friends” and family who don’t understand or are just ignorant of the truth.

Plant-based lifestyles fuel longevity, and we’re talking about people retiring and living to be 100 years young – who take no medications, don’t have busted hips, don’t need knee replacement surgery, and who don’t have compromised immune systems. Plus they can still use their brains and name all their relatives. You too can avoid the pitfalls of preventable diseases that plague America, including heart disease, cancer and dementia.

Tune your internet dial to and find modern ways to filter out toxins that lurk in American food, like nowhere else in the world.

Sources for this article include:

S.D. Wells

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