Macron and “most MPs are not vaccinated,” reveals former French presidential candidate in shocking claim

Aloe Fuzion™ is a powerful aloe vera supplement made from 100% organic inner leaf aloe vera gel. Supports the immune system, skin, and even gut health.A former candidate for president in France says he had to undergo four heart operations to fix the damage caused by Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) “vaccines.”

Jean Lassalle, who is still in the world of politics, told the media outlet NTD that his health has never been the same ever since getting “protected” against the Fauci Flu through chemical injection.

“The vaccine almost killed me,” Lassalle said, revealing that he took the “vaccine from Janssen (Johnson & Johnson) because he felt obliged to do so as a member of parliament,” reports explain.

Lassalle now deeply regrets his decision because the jab “warped my heart,” he said.

“So I have had four surgeries since January 3rd of this year,” he continued. “And then there is in the Ambroise Paré clinic where the surgeon trained with one who succeeded in putting the auricles in place to make them function normally. Otherwise, I would certainly be dead.”

When asked why he took the shot, Lassalle indicated that he felt pressured to as part of his job, and believed that his fellow politicians, including President Emmanuel Macron, all did the same thing.

It turns out that Macron never got injected as claimed, according to Lassalle (Related: Remember when Macron told unvaccinated French citizens to scram while opening up the floodgates for unvaccinated foreign Muslims?).

“Because I was an MP and I didn’t want to give the feeling that I wasn’t doing my job,” Lassalle lamented.

“But I did not know that Emmanuel Macron was not vaccinated. I did not know that most of the government members were not, and I did not know as many of my fellow MPs were not either. I wanted to set an example.”

Macron is a graduate of Klaus Schwab’s “Young Global Leaders” globalism program

In Lassalle’s assessment, Macron was pressuring all the rest of the politicians to do something that he himself did not do – despite claiming that he did.

This is what is known as lying, and it is something that happens all the time in politics. It is truly a wonder that Lassalle has apparently never heard about or witnessed it throughout his tenure.

Macron is, after all, a graduate of globalist Klaus Schwab’s “Young Global Leaders” program, which is part of the World Economic Forum (WEF). Lying comes standard with that type of “education.”

Many world leaders who graduated from Schwab’s school played a critical role in foisting the scamdemic on the masses – and Macron is no exception.

The goal, it seems, is to intentionally collapse the current world order through mass chaos. This includes the plandemic restrictions, business closures, and other damage to the economy.

With the plandemic now almost three years in motion, we are witnessing the continued breakdown of supply chains amid an ongoing energy crisis, food and rent inflation, and other catastrophes in the making.

In the comment section of the RAIR Foundation website where this was reported, one person highlighted many other names in addition to Macron who were involved in the mass global genocide program known as “COVID.”

These names include Ursula von der Leyen, president of the European Commission; billionaire eugenicist Bill Gates and his wife Melinda; Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau; Tony Fauci; Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky; and all the CEOs and top dogs throughout Big Pharma.

It is also worth noting that Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka is also a Young Global Leaders program graduate – meaning she, too, was immersed in the ins and outs of globalism as defined by the WEF.

The Chinese Virus scamdemic is unraveling. To keep up with the latest, visit

Ethan Huff

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