Vitamin D could have prevented 90% of coronavirus deaths

Mycozil™ is a natural, vegan-friendly blend of potent herbs and enzymes to support detoxification of yeast and undesirable fungal organisms from the body.People everywhere are dropping dead from the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19), we are told, and the only solution is to get an “Operation Warp Speed” vaccine – except this is not the only solution. A much safer and more effective alternative remedy is to simply take vitamin D.

The latest scientific research shows that nine out of 10 “COVID-19 deaths” could have been prevented if only the victims had supplemented with vitamin D3 or gotten out in the sun more rather than listening to Anthony Fauci and panicking.

Vitamin D deficiency, it turns out, significantly increases a person’s risk of dying with COVID-19, and most Americans are vitamin D deficient, sad to say.

The vitamin D prohormone helps to prevent the type of hyper-inflammation that comes about from a COVID-induced cytokine storm, the latest data shows. Vitamin D also helps to protect against the need for a ventilator, a high-risk Western medicine intervention that has been known to kill patients who are admitted to the hospital after testing positive for the novel virus.

“I think that’s probably one of the smartest things that a person could do right now, with an unpredictable role of a relatively unknown illness,” says Dr. Peter Osborne from Origins Nutrition Center in Sugar Land, Tex., about vitamin D supplementation.

“What we do know at this point about vitamin therapy, particularly about vitamin D, a new study has come out and a new analysis has come out on what we know about vitamin D and COVID.”

Dr. Osborne recommends taking not just D but C, but zinc and quercetin too

Having to go on a ventilator is “not a good thing,” Dr. Osborne warns. The outcomes “aren’t great,” and there really is no reason to use a ventilator at all when “we can keep their immune system supported really well with nutrition.”

“That ideally makes the most sense,” he contends about the use of vitamin D as a natural treatment.

The number of COVID-19 “cases” could be on the rise simply because the Northern Hemisphere is now in the throes of winter, which means people who live there now have minimal exposure to ultraviolet rays from the sun, which naturally produce vitamin D in the skin.

UV light, by the way, is already being used in some hospital settings to treat patients without drugs or vaccines, and with incredible success. Some hospitals are also administering vitamin D to their sick patients and seeing positive results.

“At the East Virginia School of Medicine, there’s a COVID protocol that includes vitamin D,” Dr. Osborne says.

At this particular facility, patients are given a daily regimen of between 20,000 and 60,000 international units (IU) of vitamin D as part of their standard care protocol.

“With vitamin D, there’s a therapy that can be done that I recommend, and it’s 1,000 international units of vitamin D per pound,” Dr. Osborne says.

“So, if you’re 100 pounds, you would take 100,000 international units of vitamin D for three days. After that, you don’t have to keep taking those higher doses, but three days of high-dose vitamin D will elevate your serum vitamin D levels to adequate levels.”

Dr. Osborne also recommends supplementing with vitamin C, zinc and quercetin, the latter bioflavonoid nutrient effectively opening up the cells inside the body so enough zinc can get inside.

Other natural sources of vitamin D that Dr. Osborne recommends include cod liver oil, fatty fish and mushrooms, though getting enough vitamin D from these sources requires their heavy consumption.

“Vitamin D is very inexpensive,” Dr. Osborne notes. “You can buy it at the local nutrition store, and it might just save your life, should you get sick.”

To learn more about how vitamin D and other natural supplements can help you heal while keeping you healthy and protected against disease, be sure to check out

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One thought on “Vitamin D could have prevented 90% of coronavirus deaths

  1. Vit D does work, I’ve seen researches as far back as April-May from Indonesia and recently from really is powerful against any virus..Zinc too and Vit C is an immune booster..Ivermectin & HCQ both work..The Latter important with Zinc and azithromycin because most that die from it,succumb to pneumonia ..Most who take HCQ with zinc early would probably only need Zinc & HCQ…But V-D-3 is always important
    Finally,please,encourage more people to get enough Sun not only vit D from the sun,but something from the sun itself, the UV light has it own healing power against virus,not only converting Vit d-3 in our bodies.

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