22-year-old “fully vaccinated” champion show jumper may never ride again due to covid jab-induced blood clots

Detoxadine® is a premium, deep-earth sourced nascent iodine supplement that was created to help support thyroid health, the immune system, and more.Imogen Allen was healthy and spry prior to getting “vaccinated” for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19). Now, however, the 22-year-old champion show jumper has developed two massive blood clots in her lungs that could prevent her from ever riding again.

As we have come to expect, the mainstream media is calling Allen’s clots “an incredibly rare reaction,” even though it is one of the most common adverse effects to occur post-jab.

According to reports, Allen was taking contraceptives at the time when she got injected with Fauci Flu shots. This, the corporate media is insinuating, could be the real cause behind Allen’s newly formed blood clots.

Allen took the Moderna injections that were pushed by Donald “father of the vaccine” Trump under “Operation Warp Speed,” which sent the experimental jabs to the four corners of the world in a matter of weeks.

Trusting what the “authorities” were telling everyone, Allen rolled up her sleeve believing that it would help to “flatten the curve” while keeping her “safe.” Instead, she was left for dead by the Big Pharma poison.

While Allen is still alive, she will probably never ride horses again because a simple bump to the head or even a cut could kill her since she will have to take blood-thinning medication for the rest of her life.

Allen might also have to get surgery due to the clots that developed in her lungs just days after being injected with Moderna’s mRNA clot shot. Life as she once knew it is now gone forever.

“I was always wary of something happening, and it just shows that I had every right to be, because look at me now,” Allen is quoted as saying.

Fauci Flu shots are destroying lives one injection at a time

It was first discovered that something was wrong with Allen after she collapsed during a recent family holiday with her boyfriend. Allen was later diagnosed with a bilateral pulmonary thromboembolism.

Allen had just secured a job as a police officer, but is now being recommended to forego that position, which she desired all her life, because her vaccine-induced illness could prevent her from performing her duties as needed.

Allen is hoping to reapply for the position at some point in the future, assuming her health improves. If she has to stay on blood thinners for the rest of her life, though, that might never happen.

“It’s devastating,” Allen told the British media. “I have been interested in the police since I was 18. I have absolutely no idea what I’m going to do now. Work isn’t even on the horizon.”

Every day since getting jabbed, Allen has been mostly confined to her bed. She described her new post-vaccine life as “depressing,” calling it “a massive setback” for everything she had planned for the future.

“Even brushing my teeth and hair I was panting and had to take breaks,” Allen says about what the jab did to her. “Sleeping on my side just felt like it was crushing my lungs. It was like every breath I took just didn’t do anything.”

As part of her post-injection treatments, Allen has had to suffer through numerous excruciating injections that were jabbed into her belly. These injections contained various drug cocktails supposedly designed to relieve some of the strain on her heart.

Allen says the many hours she has had to spend alone in the hospital because of her country’s Chinese Virus restriction was something “like a horror film.”

“Yeah, this is really bad,” Allen is quoted as saying.

More of the latest news about the widespread devastation being caused by Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccines” can be found at ChemicalViolence.com.

Ethan Huff 

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