Heart attacks up 25% in Scotland since covid jabs were introduced, media plays dumb as to why

Global Healing Center's Selenium supplement is plant-derived, highly bioavailable, and made from 100% organic materials to support your body naturally.The so-called “experts” claim they are baffled by a sudden spike in heart attack cases in Scotland ever since Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccines” were released to the general public.

During the summer, Scotland saw a 25 percent rise in the number of “fully vaccinated” people who had to be rushed to Golden Jubilee National Hospital in Clydebank with partially blocked arteries, a common occurrence among those who get injected.

“Typically the centre, which is the largest of its kind in the UK and treats people from five health board areas, receives 240 patients a month suffering with this form of heart attack, but this rose to more than 300 over May, June and July of this year,” reported The Timesof London.

“Doctors have searched for a pattern among patients to determine if less access to health checks in the pandemic or a history of Covid-19 infection may explain it but have found no obvious trend.”

This “mystery” is easily explained by the mass push to get everyone jabbed for Chinese Germs, and directly correlates to the widespread rollout of the injections. Government authorities and health officials, however, are playing dumb about it.

“There is not any evidence that it is as a consequence of any delayed care or missed opportunity,” announced Mitchell Lindsay, a lead consultant cardiologist at Golden Jubilee.

“It is likely to be due to a multitude of factors: people being sedentary with lockdown; stress; people ignoring symptoms because they do not want to present at hospital. There are probably five to ten causes, all linked.”

Covid vaccines, not a “mystery,” are responsible for surge in heart attacks

Even the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) now admits that Donald “father of the vaccine” Trump’s “Operation Warp Speed” jabs are causing heart inflammation. And yet, the medical establishment refuses to acknowledge the latest science.

Instead, they are obfuscating the truth and pretending that there is just no way to know for sure what is causing this meteoric rise in heart attack cases – oh, but we know it is not the vaccines, they are still hilariously claiming.

“The number of so-called STEMI attacks, where there is extensive heart damage, recorded at the Golden Jubilee has remained stable for a decade at about 750 a year,” The Times further revealed. “Yet N-STEMI attacks, where there is less tissue damage but an equal risk of death, have increased over the summer.”

It is not just Golden Jubilee that is seeing this uptick, either. All across Scotland, medical facilities are reporting a “surge” in “seriously ill patients” who require a hospital bed. Most, if not all, of these patients are “fully vaccinated.”

Not even once did The Times make mention of the vaccines as a possible cause or trigger of all these cardiovascular events. In fact, the fake news outlet went completely out of its way to not mention vaccines, and to instead lay blame on just about anything else, including just calling it a “mystery.”

“Spike protein is designed to bind to Ace-2 (ace2 releases endogenous blood thinners), binding to it like a harpoon and rendering it non-functional,” one Natural News commenter wrote about how the injections work.

“Ace-2 is designed to counterbalance Ace-1. Ace1 releases endogenous blood coagulators. Ace-1 and Ace-2 balance each-other out, when Ace-2 is destroyed, Ace-1 continues releasing endogenous blood thickeners, hence the blood clots. When you have spike protein being created by your RNA, it will bind with ACE-2 and inhibit the body’s ability to prevent blood clots and thrombosis.”

The latest news about the injuries and deaths being caused by Chinese Virus injections can be found at ChemicalViolence.com.

Ethan Huff 

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