Omicron could actually be the SOLUTION to the entire covid plandemic

Global Healing Center's Selenium supplement is plant-derived, highly bioavailable, and made from 100% organic materials to support your body naturally.There is potentially some good news on the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) front. The new “Omicron” (Moronic) variant is fast-spreading among the “fully vaccinated,” and reports indicate that it is much “milder” than the so-called “Delta” variant.

Should the Moronic variant end up becoming the dominant strain, then perhaps the whole thing will fizzle out and finally end after nearly two years of police state tyranny.

The Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) released a press release on the second identified case of Moronic, revealing that the infected Minnesota resident “recently returned from domestic travel.”

“… variant was found through MDH variant surveillance program, which is one of the strongest surveillance programs in the nation,” a press release further explained.

Just like the first “case” of Moronic that was identified in California, this second case in Minnesota occurred in someone who had received all of the “vaccine” injections pushed by the government.

“The person with the Moronic variant is an adult male, is a resident of Hennepin County, and had been vaccinated,” the press release further explained.

“The person developed mild symptoms on Nov. 22 and sought COVID-19 testing on Nov. 24. The person’s symptoms have resolved.”

In other words, Moronic is mild and not really a concern, at least in the short term. What becomes of the “fully vaccinated” later on down the road remains to be seen.

According to reports, the Minnesota man spoke with MDH case investigators and reported having traveled to New York City where he attended the Anime NYC 2021 convention at the Javits Center from Nov. 19-21.

This person was then advised by MDH to isolate from others while Minnesota epidemiologists continue to investigate in collaboration with New York City and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Now, officials are warning of an “outbreak” of Moronic in New York City within the next few days – almost like it was planned all along.

Is Omicron a cover for the impending market crash?

Coincidentally (or perhaps not), the global markets took a plunge on the very same day that the Moronic variant was announced. Some news outlets said the one caused the other, but perhaps the one was a cover for the other.

The fake financial markets have been teetering on the brink for a while now, and massive overleveraging threatens to topple the whole house of cards in a way that has never before occurred in history.

Suspiciously, the markets took a major tumble at the beginning of plandemic, and again when the “variants” started popping up. Now, the Moronic variant appears out of nowhere and the markets are once again losing stability.

Could it be that all of this is just a decoy for the inevitable crash of the global financial system? Time will tell, but keep this in mind and read between the lines as the situation unfolds.

Zero Hedge seems to think that Wall Street algorithms dumped right as Moronic was announced, which is another way of looking at it. One thing is for sure: Something fishy is afoot and Moronic was waiting in the wings as a distraction or excuse.

“It wasn’t just stocks: everything tumbled – yields, cryptos, you name it,” the news outlet warned.

“So for all those confused what they should be doing here, let us repeat, what we have been saying and what Rabobank said just moments ago – Omicron ‘will of course be used as an argument for more stimulus ahead.’ Those selling stocks on this news clearly have not been paying any attention to what happened in the past year.”

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Ethan Huff 

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