COVID-jabbed pilots are suffering cardiac arrest, but the media remains silent to avoid creating “vaccine hesitancy”

Floratrex™ is a superior blend of 50 billion live and active cultures from 18 probiotic strains. It also contains prebiotics to help support strong gut health.An American pilot who almost died mid-flight from a cardiac arrest likely caused by Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) “vaccines” has come forward to share his story with the alternative media.

Since the mainstream media is refusing to even touch the story, American Airlines Captain Robert Snow took the opportunity to talk to Stew Peters about it in a recent interview, which is available through Steve Kirsch’s website.

In a nutshell, Snow is incensed over the fact that the United States government is forcing pilots to take the injections – against the law, just to be clear – in order to keep their jobs.

The rule is egregious, tyrannical and simply makes no sense from an epidemiological perspective that assumes the injections actually provide protection (which they do not).

“Even more, what’s the benefit to vaccinating pilots?” Kirsch asked. “It’s not like the pilot is going to transmit COVID to the passengers. The chance of that happening is very close to zero.”

Suddenly pro-vax vs. anti-vax doesn’t matter when the airplane you’re in is at risk of crashing

Kirsch conducted an experiment to see which other news outlets picked up on Snow’s story. Using Google to perform a query both in the “All” search as well as the “News” search, Kirsch picked up zero stories from the “trusted” news outlets.

Of course, there were a few in the “All” search on alternative media sites, but not a single one from any major news source. In the “News” section on Google, not a single story about Snow appeared at all.

This is concerning because Snow’s incident during a recent flight could have caused a catastrophe resulting in mass casualties. It demonstrates the dangers of forcing these jabs on pilots who, at high altitudes, could suffer serious health effects that affect their performance.

God forbid this ever happens, but if a pilot were to die mid-flight, it would be up to the other one to safely fly and land the plane the rest of the way. And if anything happened to the other pilot for the same reasons, it would be game over.

Press California did pick up the story, according to one of Kirsch’s readers, however this is not exactly a mainstream source. It is difficult to say how many people might have seen the headline and read the story.

Another said that the Hill picked up the story and is planning to publish a piece about it, so we will see if that comes to fruition.

“Can we somehow sponsor Mr. Robert Snow and other injured pilots from various airlines to come out and participate in a panel discussion? (Of course, the airlines will be laying ’em off, so they will require financial protection …), wrote another.

“Given that this matter actually has the potential to affect people who would otherwise be uninterested in whether some stranger is injured by ‘bad luck’ or not, I believe this event has the potential to become massive.”

This same commenter went on to say that who in his right mind would care about anti-vax versus pro-vax if his plane was in jeopardy of crashing due to a jab injury? Widely disseminating the story might just get more people to think about the implications of these types of mandates.

“If the number of injured pilots is as high as this gentleman claims, we may have a chance to change the public’s mind,” the commenter further added.

“Unfortunately, I think the only way knowledge and admission of the vaxx’s devastation is going to go mainstream is by your average Joe/Jane seeing it happen to themselves and the people they know so much that it will be in their faces, left and right,” said another.

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