Twelve of Biden’s “sovereignty” amendments to WHO’s International Health Treaty tabled – but they could return

Prostrex™ is a vegan-friendly, herbal supplement blend that helps to promote prostate health, support prostate balance, and encourage normal urine flow.A small victory has been won in the fight against the World Health Organization’s (WHO) highly oppressive International Health Treaty (IHR).

Reports indicate that 12 of the 13 amendments to the treaty submitted by the Biden regime at the recent World Health Assembly (WHA) in Geneva have been scrapped – though this does not mean that they will not make a comeback at a future date.

At least for now, the amendments are on hold because IHR’s Working Group for Pandemic Response (WGPR) was “unable to reach a consensus” on the amendments and thus removed them from consideration.

On his Substack, independent journalist James Roguski, who monitored the meetings, wrote that this is a crucial step in the fight against the WHO’s all-encompassing proposal. He is also still urging everyone to contact their legislators to oppose it.

“Roguski reported that in addition to the public inundating the WHO and their representatives with objections to transferring national sovereignty to the global elites, the removal of a dozen amendments came through legal action filed in the U.K. by a physician, Zac Cox,” writes Veronika Kyrylenko for The New American.

“Cox filed an appeal last Friday after his May 17 request for judicial review of the amendments was rejected. The court notified the physician that his appeal was ‘without merit’ since the IHR’s Working Group for Pandemic Response (WGPR) was ‘unable to reach a consensus’ on the amendments and removed them from consideration.”

The one IHR amendment that remains is the one the Biden regime “really, really wants,” says Roguski

Nobody seems to know for sure yet what transpired to lead to this outcome, but Roguski suspects that it could have something to do with the fact that WHO operates behind closed doors, and only now did member nations realize the full details of its agenda once the amendments were proposed.

“Maybe some of the members of the WGPR actually read the amendments, comprehended them and had the same reaction that I did,” Roguski writes.

“Maybe Brazil, some African nations or other ‘stakeholders’ read the amendments and realized what the hell was going on … A good percentage of the members of the WGPR opposed the amendments … Maybe, just maybe, ‘People Power’ reared its powerful head, shined a very powerful light on the amendments, which were expected to be considered in darkness.”

There is only one pending amendment that remains, and according to Roguski this is the “one that they [the Biden regime] really, really want.” This is why Americans need to “really get involved” in the process of shooting it down – or as Roguski puts it, to “deliver a knockout punch.”

In an interview with War Room‘s Steve Bannon, Roguski opined about how the WHO “will never give up” in its quest to take over every aspect of global health at the individual level. The United Nations arm wants full control of everyone’s bodies, and so does the Biden regime.

“They will keep trying to do this again in the future,” Roguski explained. “We’ve got to stay vigilant.”

The last remaining amendment, by the way, would change Article 51 of the IHR to change the amount of time to reject amendments from 18 months to just six months.

The U.S. technically ratified the IHR back in 2005, but these latest amendments really expand its reach. And all of them were released publicly with almost zero media coverage, suggesting that the plan was to covertly enact them with little or no fanfare.

The New American‘s Kyrylenko explains more about all this in his article.

The latest news coverage about the WHO’s encroachment on national sovereignty can be found at

Ethan Huff

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