Pfizer now targeting children with new Lyme disease “vaccines”

The Kidney Cleanse Kit is a comprehensive way to cleanse your kidneys and rejuvenate your system. It includes Renaltrex®, Oxy-Powder®, and Latero-Flora™.If all goes as planned, pharmaceutical giant Pfizer will soon be dispensing “seasonal” Lyme disease vaccines – the first of their kind. But first, the company wants to test them on little children.

Lyme injections are the latest pharmakeia brew to be unveiled by Pfizer, which is reportedly in the final phase of testing. The only thing left to do is give the experimental jabs to kids as young as five to see how their bodies respond. (Related: Pfizer was also successful in convincing the Food and Drug Administration to approve covid injections for children as young as five.)

According to a press release, Pfizer and its French partner Valneva are enlisting 6,000 people age five and older to take VLA15, as the jab is called. If successful – meaning if Pfizer is able to hide enough of the negative data to make the shots appear “safe” – then it could be the first drug manufacturer to launch a vaccine for Lyme.

A description of the trial at reveals that “18,000 healthy participants 5 years and older” were recruited to participate. There was no explanation given as to the disparity between the 6,000 number used in the press release and the 18,000 number filed with the government.

Pfizer describes VLA15 as a “multivalent protein subunit vaccine” that targets “the outer surface protein A (OspA) of Borrelia,” the bacteria that allegedly causes Lyme. The jab supposedly protects against six forms of the protein expressed by the bacterial species that is most prevalent in North America and Europe.

All new vaccines are apparently becoming “seasonal” to ensure constant profits for Big Pharma

According to The Washington Post, the phase 3 clinical trial participants will receive three doses of VLA15 or a placebo, followed by one “booster” dose or another placebo.

It seems that seasonal shots and “boosters” are the new normal when it comes to vaccine injections, all thanks to the fraud that is Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccines” and the plandemic that made them happen.

Pfizer is clearly hoping to bank on this new format for vaccines, which have to keep getting jabbed in people’s arms at regular intervals in order to “work.” No longer do vaccines provide actual immunity against disease, apparently.

Now, they function much like heroin needles that need to constantly be injected in order to get a “hit.” Once the effects wear off, it is time for another hit – which, of course, means a steady stream of new profits for Pfizer.

There is very little money to be made from a once-and-done injection format – you know, like how vaccines used to be. Now, everything is becoming “seasonal,” which assures Big Pharma an easy repeat of profits year after year.

Pfizer’s goal is to obtain government approval both in Europe and North America for VLA15 to be commercially unleashed. Until then, the company plans to recruit trial participants at upwards of 50 different sites in both regions of the world.

Pfizer senior vice president and head of vaccine research and development Annaliesa Anderson claims that her company needs to unleash these new jabs because of “increasing global rates of Lyme disease.”

The reason they have to be seasonal, she told The Associated Press (AP), is supposedly because recipients will need a boost of antibodies every year when ticks, which are said to spread Lyme, are most active in the environment.

There is also the tiny little problem of the shots’ effectiveness waning over time. This was discovered in phase 2 testing – or so we are told. It is convenient that protection wanes because, once again, this means more profits for Pfizer with everyone having to take booster after booster every year for the rest of their lives.

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Ethan Huff

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