Boost male fertility with the right foods

As if people needed another reason to eat healthy, whole foods, studies show that the right diet is also a vital factor in male fertility. It’s simple: There’s a correlation between consuming bad foods and low sperm count. But make healthy choices, and guess what? Sperm counts do anything but wane.

One study involved Danish men who were given meals high in saturated fats like processed foods, fatty meats and cheese. Most people are well aware of the health horrors that such foods have on our bodies, filling us with toxins galore, so the findings should not be entirely surprising. Their sperm concentration was 38 percent lower and their sperm counts were 41 percent lower than men who did not make saturated fats a part of their diet. The results reinforce the importance of choosing healthy foods every single day.

Want a higher sperm count? Eat these foods

Androtrex® is a vegan-friendly, herbal formula specially crafted to help support normal hormone balance in men and naturally strenghten male vitality.A Brazilian study showed that whole grains and eating more fresh fruits were responsible for increased sperm count and viability, and also played a role in the sperm’s speed. Once again, it’s proof that eating whole and fresh foods do the body good.

To reap the benefits, enjoy foods that are high in folate, since low folate levels have been linked to decreased male fertility. Citrus fruits contain folate, as do bananas and, to a much lesser extent, peaches. Avocados, spinach and kale are also excellent folate sources and considered important for healthy sperm and chromosome development.

Foods high in vitamin C are also very important for sperm health, since the vitamin increases the life span of sperm as well as the motility (ability to “swim”). To obtain more vitamin C, eat more papaya, oranges, strawberries and kiwi. Vegetables high in vitamin C include red bell peppers, cauliflower and kale.

Also be sure to include chia, flax and hemp seeds in your diet. They’re rich in omega-3, which the journal Human Reproduction reported as being a key factor in men with the healthiest looking sperm. The more omega-3-rich foods they consumed, the better their fertility.

What about the lovey-dovey food, oysters?

Of course, many people have heard that oysters are ideal for “getting in the mood,” since they’re thought to be an aphrodisiac. Well, they are, sort of.

In actuality, they are very rich in zinc. It’s been found in studies to decrease testicular function in four out of five men when it’s lacking. Men deficient in zinc may experience impotence, and since oysters are brimming with zinc, the correlation is that they’re the perfect libido-boosting food. Either way, incorporating oysters in diets can’t hurt if it fits into an individual’s dietary lifestyle. If not, other sources of zinc include sesame and celery seeds.

Remember, always choose organic foods and shop at local markets whenever possible.


Sources for this article include:

Androtrex® is a vegan-friendly, herbal formula specially crafted to help support normal hormone balance in men and naturally strenghten male vitality.

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