by Dr. Edward Group
Global Healing Center® is a leading natural health provider offering natural and organic supplements, cleanses, and a wealth of free natural health articles.Mainstream medicine has all but ignored holistic modalities. Fortunately, some therapies like nutrition, exercise, and meditation are slowly beginning to see more serious inquiry and conventional medical practitioners are recognizing the benefits. More work is needed, however, which is where you come in. The McGarey Prizes for Integrative Medicine is now offering recognition for holistic practitioners and publicizing the natural health movement. With your support, we can get it off the ground.

How Can You Support the Natural Health Movement?

The World Research Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded by LaVerne Boeckmann and Steven Ross in the 1980s. This foundation is in the process of creating two projects that will shift the current medical paradigm into a more holistic way of thinking. The first project involves the awarding of three prizes each year for Integrative Medicine, called the McGarey Prizes for Integrative Medicine. Here’s a basic rundown on the reason these prizes are offered:

  • To provide recognition for various aspects of integrative medicine that have been effective, and to support further scientific research into these practices.
  • To improve public and professional awareness around holistic modalities, prompting an increase in active public interest.
  • To encourage researchers on the forefront of integrative medicine to achieve recognition for their discoveries.

The World Research Foundation Fund is seeking private donations from the health and wellness communities in order to expand research efforts into alternative and integrative practices. The more research goes into natural health, the more credibility our community has. This can result in more sensitive doctor visits, more insurance coverage for natural approaches, and innovations in our healthcare system. With your help, the World Research Foundation Fund will raise the funds required to perform unbiased and fair clinical studies on energy healing and various herbal products.

The World Research Foundation needs YOU to share this article with as many people as possible. We want enough awareness around the McGarey Prizes for Integrative Medicine to raise it to the same level as the Nobel Prize.

Please visit the CrowdRise website today and show your support!

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