professor-enderleinEnderlein’s work Bacteria Cyclogenia was his most important, but was not published until 1925 due to World War I. Professor Enderlein stimulated interest among his colleagues following the publication of his work on a new classification of bacteria which took into consideration an evolutionary life-cycle. However, he was met with skepticism by the majority of his fellow bacteriologists.

Supported by two decades of research results, in 1939 Enderlein began manufacturing and developing isopathic immune-modulators from bacteria and fungi. He founded his own microbiological institute, later known under the name IBICA. At IBICA he began manufacturing his isopathic cancer remedy that he named “Mutalin.” It consisted of metabolites extracted from the fungus Mucor racemosus Fresen. “Mutalin” was successfully used by many physicians, especially oncologists, in Germany before World War II.

After the war Professor Enderlein manufactured his biological immune-modulators in Berlin until 1952. He then moved his institute and his residence to Aumühle outside Hamburg. There he obtained a manufacturing license from the state of Schleswig-Holstein and continued the production of his immune-modulator remedies. He was supported by professors Hans Harmsen, head of the Hygiene Institute of the city of Hamburg, and Siegfried Gräff, a pathologist who was the director of the Cancer Research and Treatment Institute in Hamburg.

Enderlein died on August 11, 1968, shortly after his 96th birthday. He was far ahead of his time and he left behind a unique treasure of scientific knowledge to humanity.
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