iron-def-anemia-722x406What is Biological Terrain? The concept of Biological Terrain has its beginning in Europe. It is based largely on the clinical research of the French professor Louis Claude Vincent. I wrote an article on Biological Terrain some years ago and have been using it in my practice for quite some time.
My interest was further advanced in a discussion with German Naturopathic Doctor Uwe Uellendahl from Köln, Germany. He’s been emphasizing the importance of balancing the biological terrain for wellness in addition to its use for evaluating illness.Hematrex® is an herbal circulatory system support formula that promotes blood vessel strength and elasticity for healthy blood flow throughout the body. Professor Vincent discovered that the key to healing the body was not found merely in administration of drugs. He’s been measuring the building blocks of life: the elements of amino acids, enzymes, ions, and atoms found in the bodily fluids of blood, urine and saliva. He found monitoring the values of pH (acidity or alkalinity), oxidation-reduction (electron) potential, and resistivity (the molecular ion movement) of the body fluids (blood, urine and saliva) provided unique information of a particular patient’s susceptibility to illness. Understanding Biological Terrain is like a farmer or a gardener understanding the condition of the soil for growing plants, vegetables and fruits. A field or garden is more than a plot of land to plant seeds and expect a harvest of healthy food several months later. It involves an in-depth knowledge of the soil chemistry, the nature of the seeds, proper control and measurement of nutrients, fertilizing materials, and providing optimal amounts of water and sun light. It also requires an understanding of how insects, weeds, molds, and fungi affect the soil and plants.Similarly, managing a healthy biological terrain of the human body is like raising a healthy garden. If the body is fed a diet that provides adequate amounts of vitamins and minerals, nurtured with love as well as adequate amounts of exercise with rest and sleep, the body, like a healthy garden, can flourish with vitality and support a strong immune system.When your immune system is strong with a balanced biological terrain, like a well cared for garden soil, you can ward off infectious agents and stay healthy.
You won’t need to be too fearful of the latest news sensation such as methicillin resistant staph super bugs, salmonella scares, Lyme disease, Avian Flu, Influenza Flu, and new emerging infectious viruses, fungus, bacteria or parasites.
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