iodine-deficiency-what-doesIn this video, cancer researcher Ty Bollinger speaks with Dr. David Brownstein, MD, best-selling author, lecturer, and researcher. Dr. Brownstein shares about our cells need for iodine and how iodine-deficiency contributes to cancer – especially thyroid cancer, cancer of the ovaries, uterine cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer, and pancreatic cancer. The full interview with Dr. Brownstein is part of “The Quest For The Cures Continues” docu-series. The Truth About Cancer’s mission is to inform, educate, and eradicate the pandemic of cancer in our modern world. Every single day, tens of thousands of people just like you are curing cancer (and/or preventing it) from destroying their bodies. It’s time to take matters into your own hands and educate yourself on real cancer prevention and treatments. It could save your life or the life of someone you love.

Healing With Iodine: Your Missing Link To Better Health

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How Iodine Deficiency Contributes to Cancer – Dr. David Brownstein, MD

Video Length: 2:42 minutes

Detoxadine® is a premium, deep-earth sourced nascent iodine supplement that was created to help support thyroid health, the immune system, and more.

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One thought on “How Iodine Deficiency Contributes to Cancer – Dr. David Brownstein, MD

  1. Dear Dr Brownstein,
    Thanks a lot for the useful information. My mother has ovarian cancer, the tumor is huge (25 cm), and unfortunately she will have to get chemotherapy before the surgery. I’m sure that next to the other health issues she has also iodine deficiency. I am taking lugol solution since 1,5 years, and I would be happy if she would take it, too. Can you please inform me, if iodine could interfere with chemotherapy? What is better, to start lugol already during the chemotherapy, or only after it has been ended?
    Thanks a lot in advance.
    Kind Regards,
    Beata Medgyessy from Hungary


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