pleading-for-medical-intelligenceViewers asked:

1) What are your thoughts on food grade hydrogen peroxide? Can you put it in your water or mix it with raw organic apple cider?

2) If it’s important to drink ‘clean’ water and breathe ‘clean’ air how do we avoid the toxins in both from chemtrails, which put aluminum and other toxic substances in our air, which falls into our soil and water and is absorbed into our food?

3) Why would you want to avoid burning energy when you are fasting, if your goal is to detox the stuff that is stored in your fat cells from your system by burning fat?

4) Is there any way to clean our lungs from silica dust?

5) What do you think of Dr. Morse’s grape fasts for kidney filtration?

6) Is distilled or reverse osmosis better?

7) Any new info on EMF/5g?

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Dr. Group Answers Your Top Health Questions

Video Length: 35:49 minutes

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One thought on “Dr. Group Answers Your Top Health Questions

  1. Every time I take three drops of Detoxadine I get very I’ll. Is it possible I am allergic to something in the vegetable oil? Or is it the formulation of iodine itself? I know you said it cannot be so, however I have a lot of allergies. Iodorol caused my heart to have skipped beats at half of a tab. Also, What is your opinion of the following statement: Processing iodine in a glycerine base does not break the diatomic bond which is necessary to become nascent. I have been tested and my iodine is slightly low.


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