Leaked emails show that Trump via Operation Warp Speed drove global racketeering and collusion behind covid “vaccines” – Dr. Jane Ruby

Suntrex D3™ is a natural vitamin D3 supplement formula that boosts the immune system, assists with calcium absorption, promotes brain health, and more.Some diehard supporters of Donald Trump remain in denial about the former president’s primary role in unleashing Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccines” on the world as part of Operation Warp Speed.

They say that he had no choice, and that people were demanding the shots as a way to escape lockdown – but were theyLeaked emails obtained by Team Enigma show that Trump was colluding and conspiring with Pfizer, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and numerous other prominent regulatory agencies in Europe and the United Kingdom to fast-track his injections to market before there was even any “science” done on them.

Dr. Jane Ruby unpacked all this on a recent episode of her program, which you can watch from Brighteon below:

Operation Warp Speed Pushed International Medical Racketeering

This video is from channel Puretrauma357 on Brighteon.com.

The three agencies in particular that played a key role in the scam include the FDA, the EMA (European Medicines Agency), and the MHRA, which is the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency in the U.K.”

“Prior to the covid crimes and hoax, the process for approving and regulating what medicines you take has been based in whatever time it took for a panel of experts who are specialized in a particular area that that drug relates to,” Ruby explained. “And they look to confirm the safety and efficacy of that new entity from the proper trial design, the proper trial duration, and the execution of those studies.”

“Team Enigma has come into possession of leaked emails across these agencies that look like they were working to meet an outside deadline, one that could have been set by President Trump’s ‘warp speed’ and his administration in alignment with Pfizer. And it was Pfizer itself, of course, that ensured its own legal indemnity.”

At least 140 prominent “experts” were involved in Trump’s covid jab racketeering scam

Ruby spoke with Team Enigma’s Sasha Latypova, who revealed that 140 different people were identified in email exchanges between these agencies and Pfizer. Most of them are from the EMA, and all of them are medical experts and professionals.

“There are plenty of red flags that any of them could have identified, they have the training, they are not lay people,” Latypova revealed. “And surprisingly, all of it got shoved through the door very quickly, rapid, rapid approval.”

It turns out that Trump set a deadline for the release of the shots that had nothing to do with proper safety testing. And these agencies basically obeyed his and Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla’s orders and prodding to get the approvals done at warp speed, no matter the cost to human life.

“They’re telling each other that, ‘oh, FDA is going to speak with MHRA in three hours and maybe that means that they’re going to approve faster.,’” Latypova further explained.

“All three separate agencies coordinating by emails – separate governments, separate continents, all paid by different taxpayers coordinating around the same outside deadline.”

In the old days, neither the FDA nor any other regulatory agency would ever commit to a deadline for approval. It goes against the principles of what a regulator does. But things appear to have changed dramatically under Trump.

“Not only it’s FDA but it’s MHRA and EMA, and they are referring to Pres. Trump who already by that time had lost the election, and it seems that they’re all still working on his timeline, so that’s shocking, that’s completely shocking,” Latypova said.

“The emails clearly refer to at that time HHS Sec. Azar and Trump as being the ‘drivers of the timeline.’ There are numerous emails that refer to these specific deadlines and timelines and even emails saying that if we don’t meet this timeline, it’s going to be extremely, extremely difficult for all of us, things of that nature, and they mean timeline for approval.”

In other words, Trump and Bourla were pushing the FDA, the EMA, and the MHRA to approve the injections at warp speed before seeing any of the data, let alone any conclusive data or evidence. This is why they were all, to quote Latypova, “obsessed with meeting this timeline.”

Operation Warp Speed is another name for pre-meditated racketeering

At one point, Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla flat-out lied to the FDA about what the European agencies were doing in an attempt to pressure the agency for even faster approval.

“It seems like the hierarchy went Pfizer CEO, then Pres. Trump, then Azar, then FDA, then the EMA and the MHRA,” Latypova says. “There was no process, they just went and created one. They ‘adapted’ the rules to fit Trump’s timeline to rush out a random product.”

Be sure to watch the full interview above to capture the full essence of the severity of what has taken place, and more importantly who it was who did this to us: Trump. (Related: Trump also bypassed regulators by funneling cash into Operation Warp Speed through a defense contract management firm.)

More related news can be found at Trump.news.

Ethan Huff

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