Global food scarcity to cause 20+ million refugees from Africa to flee to Europe – mass migration

Detoxadine® is a premium, deep-earth sourced nascent iodine supplement that was created to help support thyroid health, the immune system, and more.Europe is about to be invaded by Africa, according to Italian politician Matteo Salvini.

The engineered, controlled demolition of the global economy is already resulting in widespread food shortages that Salvini says could lead to more than 20 million starving African migrants flooding into Europe.

Blaming the war in Ukraine, as most politicians are doing, Salvini said that “significant hunger is expected on the African continent, which will be a humanitarian, then a social, and finally an Italian problem.”

A big part of the problem is Ukrainian grain no longer being exported to the countries that need it. Much of the world relies on Ukraine for food, and that food is now staying within Ukraine’s borders.

“Without peace there will be famine in the autumn and 20 million Africans will be ready to go,” Salvini, the League party leader, added in a warning. (Related: The United States faces its own problems that are also shaping up to become a major food crisis.)

Salvini condemns NATO for pouring weapons into Ukraine, which will make peace impossible

A ceasefire in Ukraine and subsequent peace agreement will need to be achieved by the end of May in order to avoid a new migrant crisis out of Africa, Salvini insists, adding that this is “essential for Ukraine, Russia, and Italy as well.”

Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi just met with fake American “president” Joe Biden to discuss a ceasefire agreement. Now, Italy’s former Minister of the Interior wants to speak with Draghi about the conversation.

Salvini is particularly upset that many European countries continue to pour resources, including weapons, into Ukraine. Doing this will only make peace an even greater unlikelihood in the coming weeks.

“If 80 billion euros are spent on weapons in Europe, it will be difficult to achieve peace, the more weapons there are, the more distant peace will get,” he is quoted as saying, specifically calling out Italy for having just sent its third arms shipment to Ukraine.

“There are those in Europe who are in favor of war, but Italy, France and Germany must act for peace.”

Before the war began back in February, Ukraine was the world’s sixth largest exporter of wheat. Every country that relied on Ukraine for this and other food grains is now up a creek without a paddle.

“A new take on the old adage, ‘build it and they will come,’” wrote someone at Newspunchabout the migrant crisis that is rapidly unfolding. “Now it’s, ‘destroy it and they will leave (migrate).’”

Another questioned why these African countries are not producing more of their own food supply. Sure, many of them are in desert conditions, but they do have the capacity in many areas to grow the food they need without having to rely on Ukraine.

“It’s kind of hard to feel sorry for any of these countries,” this same person added.

“The New World Order (NOW) destroyed South Africa’s agriculture and the white farmers there are now treated like criminals,” responded another.

Someone else suggested that Italy and many other European countries are about to be “run over” with migrants – no doubt about it, at this point.

“They won’t get peace,” this person added. “They’re too compromised.”

Another joked that Italy apparently “doesn’t have enough illegals” and needs a fresh influx of foreigners to further decimate the solidarity of the native population.

“All they have to do is manufacture a famine and transport the hungry to Europe where they will be fed, all while their own citizens starve to death.”

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