Ivermectin reduces covid-19 mortality by 92%, reports new study out of Southern Brazil… this is why the medical establishment SUPPRESSED it

Oregatrex™oregano oil blend is loaded with antioxidants and carvacrol, the active ingredient in oregano. Perfect for defending against harmful organisms.A new prospective observational study that includes over 223,000 participants from Southern Brazil has found that ivermectin reduces covid-19 mortality by 92%. Ivermectin use was associated with reductions not only in COVID-19 mortality, but also in hospitalizations as well as infection rates.

As a prophylactic, ivermectin was found to be more effective in a dose-dependent manner. As the dose of ivermectin increased, patients were more likely to recover from covid-19. Preliminary evidence also shows that patients recover faster on ivermectin.

Thousands of lives saved in Southern Brazil using ivermectin

The latest study on ivermectin was conducted in Southern Brazil, in the city of Itajaí. In the study of confirmed covid-19 cases, 45,716 subjects (28.7%) did not use ivermectin and 113,844 subjects (71.3%) did use ivermectin. Out of those who used ivermectin to treat covid-19, 33,971 (29.8% of users) took the medicine irregularly. Irregular use was classified as dosages not exceeding 60mg. The most important group in the study were the 8,325 subjects who used ivermectin regularly. Regular use was classified as dosages greater than 180mg. Intermediate users included 71,548 (62.9%) of the ivermectin group and included dosages between 60mg and 180mg. This group was not compared in the study.

The study found that covid-19 infection was 49% lower for those who used ivermectin regularly when compared to non-users and was 25% lower when compared to irregular users. Furthermore, the infection rate was 32% lower for irregular users than non-users. Ivermectin was more effective for regular users, even though regular users were older on average and had pre-existing conditions such as type 2 diabetes and hypertension. This is great news for individuals who are higher risk. Individuals who are deemed “high risk” have been coerced and manipulated into taking ineffective and harmful vaccinations to feel safe. Ivermectin has proven to be a more efficacious treatment for those who have pre-existing conditions.

The same positive trends were found for both covid-19 hospitalization and mortality. The hospitalization rate was reduced by 100% for regular ivermectin users, when compared to non-users and irregular users. Moreover, irregular users were 29% less likely to be hospitalized than non-users. Most importantly, the mortality rate for regular users was 84% lower than irregular users and 92% lower than non-users! There was even a 51% reduction in mortality for irregular users over non-users.

The authors of the study concluded: “Non-use of ivermectin was associated with a 12.5-fold increase in mortality rate and seven-fold increased risk of dying from COVID-19 compared to the regular use of ivermectin in a PSM comparison of a strictly controlled population. This dose-response efficacy reinforces the prophylactic effects of ivermectin against COVID-19.”

The conspiracy against efficacious treatments continues, as regulatory agencies enforce criminal enterprise

Ivermectin is more than a horse de-wormer. This inexpensive medicine is also approved by the FDA as an anti-parasitic agent for humans. Anti-parasitic agents often possess anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties that help the immune system fight common infections. However, a quick Google search of ivermectin quickly displays propaganda about its efficacy and use. The FDA is the greatest offender. This agency is captured by the very industry it was intended to regulate. This is apparent because the FDA routinely downplays ivermectin’s role for treating covid-19 while pushing out propaganda to sell more lucrative drugs and ongoing “vaccine” programs.

The National Institutes of Health (NIH), the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the World Health Organization (WHO) have spent tremendous resources trying to bury evidence on the efficacy of this inexpensive medication. Despite being vilified by the most powerful public health agencies, ivermectin has been the center focus of multiple independent studies for treating covid-19. The cumulative data show that ivermectin is a more efficacious treatment for covid-19 than the government’s current protocol. These compromised regulatory agencies have forced inhumane, fraudulent and deadly protocols on people during this ongoing “national emergency” which has only wrought unethical, limitless liability protections for hospitals and vaccine makers, a tidal wave of propaganda, colossal pharmaceutical racketeering, money laundering, medical fraud, and an ever-increasing death count that the government psychotically advertises to justify their destructive actions.

Lance D Johnson

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