Vaccinated individuals are “infecting” the unvaccinated with dangerous graphene oxide, says biomedicine expert

Cell Fuzion™ is an advanced antioxidant formula that protects cells against harmful free radicals and environmental toxins. It also supports healthy aging.Did you know that the reason why you have two arms instead of one or none is because God wanted you to get a vaccine in each arm: one for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) and the other for seasonal influenza? This is the claim of Ashish Jha, fake president Joe Biden’s covid “czar,” who is urging Americans to roll up both sleeves this holiday season.

In a recent press briefing, Jha, whose official title is “Coronavirus Response Coordinator,” urged all Americans to get shot both for the Chinese Flu and for the regular flu. Even those who have already taken a few mRNA (messenger RNA) injections are being encouraged to take more in the form of “boosters.”

“Please, don’t wait,” Jha expressed, adding that this is “why God gave you two arms.”

“Get your covid shot. Get your flu shot … Get one in each arm if you want,” Jha went on to badger.

Jha’s petition comes as the White House announces what it is calling a “six-week sprint” plan to get every last American “fully vaccinated” both for the Wuhan Disease and for seasonal influenza.
Not enough people have gotten jabbed for the regime’s liking, so Jha is issuing yet another plea for Americans to obey he and Biden’s orders – because they care oh so much about our health, after all.
“While I’m encouraged by the work that so many are doing, we need everybody to step up,” Jha further reprimanded. (Related: The CDC has also indicated that everyone must follow the “science” by getting as many covid jabs as the government dictates.)

“We need to make protecting our loved ones an important part of the conversation we have around the Thanksgiving table, an important part of the conversation we have in the days and weeks ahead.”
Biden Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre lashes out at reporters for daring to ask hard questions about covid’s true origin
Jha would go on during his diatribe to claim, falsely, that Fauci Flu shots are the cure for death, at least when it comes to death at the hands of the Chinese Virus.
“Because here’s what we know: If folks get their updated vaccines, and they get treated, if they have a breakthrough infection, we can prevent essentially every COVID death in America.”
The goal is to convince every last American to get jabbed before the start of 2023. Jha made that abundantly clear in his message to Americans, claiming that getting all the injections will provide “the best protection for this winter.”
Jha also explained that covid jabs are going to become an annual thing just like flu shots with another new “booster,” or whatever they decide to call it next, arriving at some point in the next year.
The week before Thanksgiving in 2022 also saw lesbian Biden Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre lash out at reporters for asking questions about the true origin of the Chinese Virus, which clearly did not magically appear as some freak act of nature as was initially claimed.
“This was always the plan,” wrote a Natural News commenter about how covid jabs were always intended to be an endless, annual affair. “Remember when the subject of ‘boosters’ was ‘fake news disinformation?’”
Another added that everyone in government is “just murderers” and that they are all now showing their cards because they think they have won.
“They know it, only some of us know it, and the idiots will keep taking the shots,” this person added.

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Ethan Huff

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