Zeotrex® is an herbal blend that helps rejuvenate vitality, energy, mental clarity, and overall wellness through the detoxification of chemicals and metals.Despite his parents’ much-publicized fight with New Zealand authorities over the nature of his pre-surgery blood transfusion, Will Savage-Reeves reportedly underwent the lifesaving procedure with standard blood from the fully vaccinated-for-covid pool against their wishes – but he is said to be doing just fine, we are happy to report.

This is great news, although we cringe at the thought of potentially tainted blood, spike proteins and all, circulating in that poor little boy’s body and potentially causing complications for his health in the future. We hope and pray that this does not happen for his sake, especially since Starship Children’s Health Hospital refused to give him the unvaccinated blood transfusion that his parents requested.

Even though they had donors already lined up and ready to donate, Starship refused to honor baby Will’s parents’ wishes, insisting that standard vaccine-tainted blood would be just fine. The New Zealand “justice” system agreed with the hospital, and little Will’s parents were forced to just go along with the hospital’s decision if they wanted their baby boy to receive the surgery.

For now, baby Will is said to be recovering without any issues. Even though the medical fascists in New Zealand overrode the request of his parents, the child is apparently healthy and on the road to a full recovery – keep him in your thoughts and prayers.

Starship delayed baby Will’s surgery because they refused to cooperate with his parents, causing more heart damage

Another thing to keep in mind is that little Will should have received his surgery many weeks ago. Had Starship simply complied and allowed the boy’s parents to give him the unvaccinated blood transfusion, he would have been in and out of surgery right away, increasing his chances of a full recovery back to normal.

Because that surgery was delayed, specialists believe that baby Will’s heart suffered needless damage resulting from the build-up of blood caused by his pulmonary valve stenosis. Justice Ian Gault is also to blame for this damage because instead of siding with Will’s parents, he instead sided with Starship and its medical fascism.

This makes Gault just as much of a medical fascist as the surgeons and staff at Starship who demanded that baby Will receive potentially tainted blood from the general pool, which likely caused “vaccine” poisons to enter his bloodstream.

In the comments, someone pointed out that Gault has “links to negotiations on contracts for taxpayer-funded pharmaceutical products that have injured and killed New Zealanders.” This would explain his eagerness to get standard blood pumped into baby Will’s veins, possibly exposing him to mRNA (messenger RNA) toxins.

Another wrote that Dr. Kirsten Finucane, the presiding surgeon in the case, now has “absolute responsibility for the long-term outcome of her surgery for baby Will.”

“She could easily demand any type of product to be used in her surgery, including blood products. She is ‘god’ at the operating table. If baby Will suffers any kind of adverse reaction as a result of her decision as ‘god’ then she is the only one who caused it. If baby Will dies, then Dr. Kirsten Finucane will be the murderer as judged by God himself.”

“Don’t underestimate the power that the surgeon has in demanding exactly what they need for a successful outcome. So appeals should be made to this surgeon. It would be so very easy for her to accommodate for the wishes of baby Will’s real guardians. Dr. Kirsten Finucane is only the de facto guardian so has a responsibility to the real guardians too. Don’t forget that, Dr. Kirsten Finucane. We are trusting that you have a conscience and you are not just a government-paid lacky who can just walk away with a nice pension after your day job is done.”

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Ethan Huff

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