Here comes the next plandemic: UK media says “makeshift morgues” being deployed as hospitals overflow with sick patients

Detoxadine® is a premium, deep-earth sourced nascent iodine supplement that was created to help support thyroid health, the immune system, and more.Remember at the start of covid when the media started publishing articles about temporary makeshift morgues being set up to handle all the extra bodies that were supposedly piling up due to the “virus?” Those stories are once again appearing in the news cycle, which begs the question: Is this another plandemic in the making?

The U.K.-based Mirror media outlet claims that hospitals across Great Britain are overflowing with sick patients to the point that vehicle and business parks are being converted to gritting yards for storing excess corpses.

Large containers capable of holding dozens of bodily remains are appearing all over the place, we are told, including near the Salisbury District Hospital in Wiltshire and the Royal Liverpool Hospital in Liverpool.

These containers, which are basically shipping units, have guarded surveillance around them 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Some of them are refrigerated, including one that appeared at High Post Salt Store near Salisbury, along with two more in Liverpool.

According to the Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust, there is an “increase in need across the community” for these storage units as bodies are supposedly piling up with no more room at local hospitals.

“It’s all very disappointing,” said Joyce Robins, founder of Patient Concern. “It’s the sort of thing that should be planned for.”

“Putting them in a gritting yard makes it look like we just don’t care about these people when they die. It’s terribly sad for the families. A bit of respect is what we need.”

Are all these dead bodies piling up because of covid vaccines?

Strangely, the media and the National Health Service (NHS) are silent as to the cause of all these excess deaths. This suggests that perhaps another plandemic is not what this is, but rather we are seeing the fallout from covid mass vaccination.

With excess deaths skyrocketing all over the place – and especially in areas with high uptake of covid injections – this would appear to be the case. One wonders if the powers that be could even get away with another plandemic were they to try.

The only way they might would be to disguise all these covid vaccine deaths as another “plague” or “virus.” Some people would believe it, and that would explain why temporary morgues are starting to pile up around the U.K.

“We can confirm that we have opened additional mortuary capacity to accommodate an increase in need across the local community,” said a spokesman for Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust about these makeshift morgues.

“Our mortuary service operates to the national standards treating the deceased and loved ones with dignity and respect at all times regardless of location.”

Over at The Sun, it is explained that the temporary morgues, many of which are 40-foot shipping containers, can hold about 35 bodies each. These same shipping containers appeared at the height of the covid scamdemic, which saw at least 1,000 deaths a day in Great Britain.

Avoiding any mention of covid vaccines, The Sun is blaming “cold weather, surging flu infections and long waits for ambulances” on the reappearance of these shipping container morgues.

“If you can’t get an ambulance to someone who’s having a heart attack or a stroke, then some of those patients may die as a result,” claims the Royal College of Emergency Medicine, blaming all these excess deaths on “record delays for urgent care.”

(Related: People are also dying because of the after-effects of the lockdowns, which destroyed many people’s mental health and left them with chronic illnesses unrelated to covid.)

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Ethan Huff

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