by Dr. Edward Group

Bloating is distension of the abdominal region and it’s commonly present in conjunction with constipation. Constipation, of course, is the result of bulked-up waste material that accumulates in the colon. Also, as material remains in the colon, it can start to ferment (actually rotting) and this process releases gas into the abdomen, which also distends the area. A person who is bloated may feel:

  • Full, as the abdomen is the bloated area
  • Uncomfortable, since the gas is adding pressure to organs

The occasional discomfort of bloating is usually in conjunction with constipation can be brought on by:

A healthy diet can help to control constipation and bloating. In order to relieve these symptoms, an oxygen colon cleanser can be used. Oxygen colon cleanses are a healthy choice that introduces oxygen into the bowel to dig through the clogged fecal matter, loosening it so that it can be properly expelled through the rectum.

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