Some foods like eggs for example, get a reputation for being unhealthy but are actually really good for you. However, just the opposite can happen as well, with certain foods and products being perceived as healthy when they really are not. Below are seven of the most common foods which people think are good for them but which actually can bring in empty calories and other things you’d probably rather do without


This warning does not apply to smoothies made at home with fruits, greens and milk or almond milk, which are very healthy indeed. The problem here is buying smoothies from the store or a restaurant, since they tend to still be sweetened with sugar and can also have ingredients like cream or artificially sweetened yogurt that you might not want to expose yourself to.


NeuroFuzion® is a vegan-friendly mental support formula that helps promote brain vitality, sharpens the mind, and encourages focus and mental clarity.Granola has had an undeserved reputation for being healthy since the sixties when the hippies first sprinkled it onto their yogurt. However, most commercially made granolas are calorie-dense, too high in sugar and rarely have enough protein or dietary fiber to keep you properly satisfied, which could lead you to overeat. Plain oats are much healthier.


They may be a different shape, but most muffins have more or less the same ingredients as cake and bring in a lot of bad fats, sugar, refined flour and empty calories that make it a very poor food choice indeed. If you are really craving a muffin, try to find a healthy recipe off the Web which uses whole grains, honey and fruit.

Fat-Free Yogurt

This might sound like a good deal, but unfortunately when food manufacturers take something away from a food, they usually put something back in – and in the case of yogurt, that “something” is usually some form of sugar. Aside from this, more and more evidence is coming to light that regular dairy products are better for you, so choose a full- or low-fat yogurt instead.

Caesar Salad

Just because a dish is labelled “salad” does not mean that it is healthy for you! Caesar salads might taste great, but usually any benefits they can bring are more or less ruined by the empty calories and bad fats that can come with the dressing, Parmesan cheese and croutons. Again, though, if this is a salad you really like, look on the Net for some healthier variations – you might find a low-calorie one you really like!

Frozen Yogurt

Many people who buy frozen yogurt in preference to ice cream probably think that they are doing themselves a favor. However, if you read the label, you will find when it comes to sugars, fats and overall calories, frozen yogurt and ice cream tend to clock in about the same. And that is not even counting the toppings!

Multigrain Bread

This sounds like you’re really getting something special, but if you read the label, you will find that many multigrain products which use this term are actually made mainly with refined white flour with some whole grain thrown in. Only buy bread that says “100% whole grain or whole wheat” or better yet, make it at home.

So beware these “health” foods. No matter how they are marketed, they truly are not good for your health.

Meghan Telpner

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