weight-loss-tipsThousands of diet gurus are standing by right now to trade their weight loss plans for your hard earned dollars. Unfortunately, to the contrary of the advertisements, gimmicks and gadgets never add up to a permanent weight loss solution. The quickest way to lose weight is to eat healthy, exercise daily, and, depending on your needs, consider an effective and appropriate weight loss support supplement.

Eat Healthy Food

The focus of healthy eating isn’t to provide your body with food when it’s hungry, it’s to provide your body with high quality nutrients that deliver the forty+ different vitamins and minerals we need to maintain good health. Healthy eating is avoiding the extra junk that doesn’t provide any nutrition. Sugar water soft drinks, processed candies, refined sugars– these are the foods to avoid. Sugar, alone, can contribute to systemic redness and that’s only one of a long list of negatives.
Elevate Your Health with MoringaVariety is one of two integral aspects to healthy eating. Variety is important for balance. Fruit is healthy but eating only fruit will leave you deficient in the areas that would be nutritionally satisfied with vegetables, whole grains, nuts, seeds, and lean proteins. Eating a variety of these foods ensures you get a good, daily serving of the nutrients your body needs. Plus, there are so many wonderful foods. Try a range of different fruits, veggies, beans, grains, range fed organic poultry, seafood, and range fed organic meats, to make your diet delicious and nutritious.

Moderation is the other component to healthy eating habits and critical to weight loss. Moderation does not mean going hungry or starving yourself. It does mean limiting the size of your portions to what you need, rather than what you’re inclined to eat out of habit. This can be a tough one because so many eating habits are emotionally based. It’s a fact, food can offer emotional comfort and “another piece” often happens as a direct result. It’s important to be aware of why you’re reaching for more, if you have a tendency to reach for more. That realization can be the first step in curbing those habits.

Exercise Every Day

Anyone who tells you exercise isn’t important is lying to you. Daily exercise is an essential component for losing weight and it can help supercharge the weight loss process. It’s one thing to get your diet in order, it’s another to burn extra calories from extra movement and increase your muscle mass, which leads to a metabolic boost. People who have lost weight and kept it off for the long-term have found a way to incorporate exercise into their daily activities. Different exercises are better for different people, and some burn more calories than others. It doesn’t really matter how you exercise, it just matters that you do something and it’s important that you enjoy it. It’s even better if you have several activities you enjoy that you can choose from. Establishing variety in your exercise routine increases efficacy.

The Quick Tips

Keep it simple. A simple plan is simple to follow and easier to stick with.

Focus on sensible habits first and pounds second. Nothing happens overnight. Repeat, nothing happens overnight. Weigh yourself weekly to track progress.

Don’t allow your weight loss program to become stressful. Stress causes you to lose hope and overeat as compensation. We all have good days and bad days. Remember not to panic or feel guilty; just get back on track and continue to move onwards and upwards.
Elevate Your Health with Moringa

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