by Dr. Edward Group

lithium-orotate-benefitsAn alkali metal related to sodium and potassium, lithium carbonate has been traditionally used within allopathic medicine to deal with mental imbalances. There are many side effects to taking this strong mineral as the body poorly absorbs lithium carbonate. Lithium orotate works differently. Lithium orotate offers superior bio-utilization, allowing the mineral to penetrate the mitochondria, glia and lysosomes that exist within the intracellular structures of cells. The mineral stabilizes these lysosomal membranes, slowing the enzymatic reaction that leads to many of the negative side effects of other forms of lithium salts. Most people are unaware that lithium is a naturally occurring mineral from the earth. Just like calcium and potassium, lithium is something that every human body requires. Many people are familiar with the pharmaceutical forms of lithium (lithium carbonate and lithium citrate), these aforementioned chemical extracts used to treat mania and depression. Lithium orotate is different. Whereas pharmaceutical drug forms of lithium require high doses to penetrate cells, lithium orotate is effective in extremely small serving sizes. Unlike its pharmaceutical counterparts, lithium orotate is non-toxic and seems to be effective for 70% to 80% of people who try it. [1]

Health Benefits of Lithium Orotate

Supports Healthy Mood and Emotional WellnessBrain Protection: Studies show that the mineral lithium can actually support the grey matter nerve cells in the brain. Anti-Aging Effects: Small amounts of lithium orotate have been shown to offer anti-aging effects to the brain[2]

Neuroprotection From Environmental Toxins: Lithium has been shown to protect the system from numerous toxins, particularly in the grey matter of the brain. [3]

Lithium Orotate May Also:

  • Prompt mental balance and a good mood
  • Stimulate general well-being [4]
  • Support bone health [5]
  • Relieve headaches [6]
  • Stimulate the immune system [7]

Lithium Precautions

Do not attempt to self-medicate a mental imbalance with lithium orotate. Speak with your health care provider. Pregnant and nursing women should not take any lithium supplement. Also, lithium should not be taken by those with renal or cardiovascular diseases, severe dehydration or exhaustion, sodium depletion, or in individuals using any form of diuretics or ACE inhibitors.

Where to Find Lithium Orotate

Supplements are the easiest way to incorporate lithium orotate into your diet. I recommend a supplement that blends lithium orotate with other mood-supporting minerals and herbs to maximize mental vitality. Global Healing Center’s own Neurofuzion® is one such supplement. Neurofuzion combines lithium orotate with passionflower, St. John’s wort, saffron and other botanicals to support mood and mental clarity the natural way.

Everything You Need to Know About Lithium Orotate

Video Length: 7 minutes

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