Austria now a giant PRISON CAMP for the unvaccinated as “lockdown” extended another 10 days

Mycozil™ is a natural, vegan-friendly blend of potent herbs and enzymes to support detoxification of yeast and undesirable fungal organisms from the body.Just in time for Christmas, the Austrian government surprised its citizens with an extended lockdown for the unvaccinated.

For another 10 days, Austrians who have not gotten injected with an Operation Warp Speed needle will be required to stay at home, or else. The news came just days before the country’s new jab requirements come into effect in 2022.

Up until New Year’s Eve, unvaccinated Austrians will be limited from shopping and forced to stay home from work without a “negative” Fauci Flu test result. The unvaccinated in Austria are also being restricted from attending certain indoor events as additional punishment for refusing to get injected.

Previously, the entire country of Austria was punished by Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg, the “fully vaccinated” included, with a nationwide lockdown.

Now, as we near the new year, Schallenberg is tightening the noose once again, this time specifically against the unvaccinated.

“While under the measure, unvaccinated Austrians are generally not allowed to leave their homes or meet more than one person at a time from another household,” reported The Epoch Times.

“The measure doesn’t apply to children under the age of 12 because they cannot yet officially get vaccinated.”

Covid was the vehicle to drive the entire world into fascism

From December 24-26, unvaccinated Austrians were granted an exemption from Health Minister Wolfgang Mueckstein, who waved his invisible scepter and allowed them see their family members just so long as the gatherings were capped at no more than 10 people.

Now that the 26th has passed, however, the unvaccinated in Austria have once again been plunged back into tyranny.

“Christmas should show us once again how important contact with our loves ones is and how precious time together is,” Mueckstein announced, dangling the carrot of full “freedom” in 2022 to the unvaccinated if they will just agree to roll up their sleeves.

The fully vaccinated, along with those who recently recovered from a Fauci Flu infection, were told that they could have the privilege of gathering in groups of up to 25 people over the holidays.

It turns out that Austria is ground zero for covid tyranny. The central European country currently has some of the most fascist policies in place to punish the non-compliant.

These policies from the likes of Schallenberg and Mueckstein are drawing weekly protests across Austria, where tens of thousands of people from all political persuasions are joining together to just say no to the tyranny.

Schallenberg, meanwhile, announced earlier in the month that he will be stepping down from his post. Keep in mind that he just took office several months ago. It would appear that Schallenberg’s popularity is nonexistent and that the people of Austria do not approve of his authoritarianism.

“It’s our job as the government of Austria to protect the people,” Schallenberg publicly stated in defense of his fascism.

Starting February 1, a full-fledged jab mandate will come into effect in Austria that requires all persons 14 years of age and older with a place of residence in the country to get jabbed and boosted or else face hefty quarterly fines of well over $4,000.

According to reports, Austria is the first European country to introduce a full-scale mandate like this.

“Austria has one of the lowest vaccination rates in western Europe: roughly 69 percent of the total population is fully vaccinated,” the Times further reported.

“According to a recent report by the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC), Austria is considered a country of “moderate concern” in the EU.”

You will find more of the latest news about Fauci Flu injection mandates and the push towards a global “Great Reset” at

Ethan Huff 

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