Del Bigtree: What if the anti-vaxxers are the chosen ones all along?

Paratrex® is a blend of all-natural ingredients formulated to eliminate toxic and harmful organisms in the body by creating an environment hostile to them.Del Bigtree has put forward the thought that perhaps the anti-vaxxers are the “chosen ones” all along. He floated the idea during the July 27 episode of “The Highwire.”

“I’m just going to speculate for a second about this idea that there are people, like [tech mogul] Bill Gates, that is so concerned about resources that they believe the only way we save the planet and our species is to reduce the population,” he said.

The host, who is also the CEO of the anti-vaccination group Informed Consent Action Network, noted that doctors, analysts and other people are stepping up to say that this feels like mass extermination. But the globalists did not think that they could depopulate the world so easily, so they instituted the “plandemic” to at least give people a choice: to take the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines or refuse them.

“I mean, you can’t wipe out the smart people, right? So, you would want some sort of culling of the herd that you control, but you’d want it to seem like it was a choice,” Bigtree said.

And so the selection process begins.

The best and the brightest shall remain. This may include scientists and real experts like the inventor of the mRNA vaccine technology Dr. Robert Malone, former Pfizer executive Dr. Mike Yeadon and vaccine expert Geert Vanden Bossche.

Meanwhile, the “partner health authorities” are not stopping until the target is achieved based on what was inscribed on the Georgia Guidestones: “Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.” (Related: Globalists’ goal of depopulating the world guided by principles literally set in stone – the Georgia Guidestones)

“Then they tell you, you need another jab after the other. So, ‘as planned,’ Food and Drug Administration authorizes fourth, fifth booster doses for various groups, even though the very science is saying it’s reducing immunity and it is making people more and more vulnerable,” the host said.

Bigtree shared that he had this thought that toward the end of the hullabaloo, Gates would come up to him and say: “You really did your job exactly how we needed you to. We put out all the propaganda and that’s because we had to wipe out a huge part of the world. And I’ll be honest with you Del, we thought we may have overplayed our hand. Everybody could have taken the vaccine and they’re all gonna die.”

“What if we recognize that they’re not attacking us, anti-vaxxers? They obviously chose us. We must be the chosen ones,” he further hypothesized.

“Maybe not chosen by God, but chosen by Bill Gates and [World Economic Forum founder] Klaus Schwab. I don’t know what that does from your perspective. But for those of you carrying this thought, you must recognize that you are not the enemy. You were the goal. Think about that,” he said.

Mike Adams, Alex Jones warn the public of the tyrannical moves to wipe out humanity

Meanwhile, the brave ones who refuse to take in the experimental and gene-altering vaccines are speaking up on their platforms to create awareness of the eugenics and depopulation moves of the globalists to save as many people as they can.

The Health Ranger Mike Adams warned everyone that the globalists are deliberately organizing totalitarian efforts to wipe out humanity in as many ways as possible.

He said the total entitlement obligation financially to the American people is $169 trillion. So, to clear the balance sheets and never have to pay this amount to the people, the solution is very simple: genocide.

Adams said billions of human beings may be killed in this “holocaust.” The current movement uses a combination of laws, vaccines, bioweapons, economic collapse and food scarcity, which is an engineered collapse of the food system.

Meanwhile, InfoWars founder Alex Jones slammed the globalists’ New World Order (NWO) agenda. Jones called for a global red alert amid various disturbing events already happening worldwide.

“This is the NWO takeover, world depopulation. This is World War 1,000, extinction, rebellion and depopulation,” Jones said as he condemned the elites for burning and blowing up the farms and processing plants and for poisoning the cows and crops on purpose.

“The carrying capacity of the civilization of Earth is being pulled out from under us. The rug is being pulled out from under us right now,” Jones said. “The NWO is aimed at wiping out humanity by deliberately starving people.”

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Are the Anti-Vaxxers the chosen ones?

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