COVID vaccines can damage innate immune systems of children, epidemiologist warns

Oregatrex™oregano oil blend is loaded with antioxidants and carvacrol, the active ingredient in oregano. Perfect for defending against harmful organisms.Epidemiologist and researcher Paul Alexander said that the Wuhan coronavirus vaccines can damage the innate immune system of children and keep them from developing and functioning.

People are born with an innate immune system, which is usually the body’s first line of defense against many pathogens they encounter daily. According to Alexander, while this innate immune system in young children is broadly effective and potent, it is “antigenically naive,” adding that exposure to germs and foreign substances help them train their innate immune system to function.

“The children have a window of opportunity to train the innate immune system properly, and principally, they’re trying to train the innate antibodies and the innate NK [natural killer] cells,” Alexander said in a program. “They get that training – those cells of the innate immune system, get training by the exposure to a pathogen.”

The innate immune system functions once the innate antibodies are allowed to be trained. This training, he said, may be disrupted when children are administered mRNA shots based on the initial coronavirus strain because the vaccine antibodies are highly specific in targeting the spike protein, thus preventing the innate antibodies from doing their job. (Related: Children 5-11 do NOT need “unnecessary” covid vaccines, warn experts.)

Antibodies from the vaccine would bind to the spike antigen and block the innate antibodies from their functional capacity.

Moreover, Alexander believes that proper training helps the immune system differentiate a normal cell from a non-self pathogen. If the immune system cannot do so, it can lead to autoimmune diseases as a result of the immune system attacking the body. “So it is absolutely critical that the innate immune system, and particularly the innate antibodies very early on in childhood, be allowed this training,” he explained.

When not vaccinated, healthy children can eliminate and sterilize the virus to prevent infection, replication and transmission. This is why children, for the most part, do not show a lot of symptoms or have mild symptoms against the virus, especially the omicron variant that is now dominant in the United States and other countries. (Related: GENOCIDE: FDA officially authorizes covid vaccines for children as young as 6 months.)

Children’s immune system effectively protects them from COVID

Despite not being exposed to plenty of harmful bacteria and viruses, children do come across these pathogens in the environment and their innate immune system usually does well in protecting them.

Separate studies have also shown that children have a robust innate immune system that can effectively eliminate the virus.

Dusan Bogunovic, an immunologist and geneticist at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, in New York City, said that people tend to think of children as germ factories, but they are naturally better at controlling viral infections because of their innate immune response, with immune systems that are “revved up and ready to go.”

In September 2020, researchers compared blood samples from pediatric and adult COVID-19 patients to try to understand why children have milder symptoms of the disease compared to adults. They found that the pediatric group had certain proteins such as IFN-gamma and interleukin-17A that were not present in adults. These are the proteins that play important roles in the innate immune response.

The same researchers provided evidence in a different study in April 2021 on why children fared better when infected with the virus, saying that it was because their innate immune response stopped the virus in its tracks before it had the chance to spread.

The authors found that compared to adults, children had larger quantities of genes associated with immune cells, including several proteins that were secreted by immune cells.

Moreover, none of the children in the study required oxygen, whereas seven adults did, and of which four died.

Data also shows that the immune system in infants is a “vigilant establishment” that is flexible and can respond to many stimulants.

Visit for more information about how the COVID-19 pandemic affects children and adults.

Watch the video below about data showing that COVID vaccines are actually killing children.

COVID vaccines can damage innate immune systems of children

This clip from the “Stew Peters Show” was taken from the High Hopes channel on

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