Simple nasal wash reduces risk of covid hospitalization by more than 8x

Organic Support for a Strong Immune SystemDid you know that protecting yourself against covid hospitalization is as simple as flushing your nasal cavity with mild saline water?

Instead of jabbing yourself with DNA-modifying mystery chemicals and wearing a face mask all day, simple saltwater is all that is needed to flush the disease out of your system.

The latest research shows that a saline nasal wash performed twice daily for 14 days beginning within 24 hours after symptoms appear was found to reduce the risk of covid hospitalization by eight times.

“This is much better than Paxlovid (only a 2.5X reduction if you believe the trial data),” writes Steve Kirsch on his Substack. “This is much better than any COVID vaccine performs in practice and it’s much safer too.” (Related: Kirsch’s 10 survey questions prove that covid jabs are unsafe and ineffective.)

A study out of Asia confirms the validity of the nasal saline wash protocol for protecting against the worst covid outcomes. So how come this critical information is not being blasted from the rooftops for everyone to hear?

“Nasal rinses have been known for a long time to reduce the rate of hospitalization and death,” Kirsch explains.

“This is simplest the latest peer-reviewed study showing that a simple saline nasal rinse with nothing else, is effective against the virus. This would apply to any other virus or bacteria as well, based on the mechanism of action. It’s also extremely safe.”

Every plandemic mitigation from lockdowns to masks was completely unnecessary

From the very beginning, all the government had to do was inform the public that if they start to show symptoms of Chinese Germs, the simplest and easy way to get over it quickly is to rinse the nasal passage with mild saltwater.

There was never any need to shut down all small businesses, force people into isolation, mandate face masks and demand that everyone get injected with mystery chemicals – all things that failed to save lives.

To this very day, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has not said a word about the saline nasal wash. It is almost as if the agency wants people to die – or at least to not skip out on getting “vaccinated.”

“Hard to believe, isn’t it?” wrote a commenter about how obvious it is that the CDC does not have Americans’ best interests in mind with any of its policy decisions.

“The only conclusion one can come to is intentional Covid injuries and deaths. After all, this isn’t rocket science. It’s saline water!”

Another person wrote that Ayurvedic medicine, which has been around for thousands of years, has long recommended nasal rinsing to keep nasal membranes healthy and moisturized.

“In one of the Ayurveda trainings I took, they recommended you put oil in your nose in your ears and to gargle with coconut or sesame oil before flying on a plane in order to stay healthy,” this person added.

Dr. Peter McCullough, noted another, has been recommending the saline water nasal rinse protocol for over a year now.

“If enough people will finally realize they can kill this virus with a few simple inexpensive means, maybe, just maybe, they will think one step further and ask: What?” this person added.

“If it’s this easy and simple, why did they let so many die? EXACTLY!! Duh!”

There is also the hydrogen peroxide nebulizer protocol that is similar to the saline nasal wash protocol. That one involves the use of not only water and salt but also food-grade hydrogen peroxide.

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Ethan Huff

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