Now that we know covid was not an artifact of nature, will those behind it be punished?

VeganZyme® is a full-spectrum blend of twenty powerful digestive and systemic enzymes that supports digestion, boosts the immune system, and more.It has become common knowledge that the Covid-19 scamdemic was just that: a scam. The question remains, though: will the perpetrators ever be held accountable?

So far, very few politicians on the left or right seem willing to address the matter in its entirety. Some agree that the lockdowns never should have happened, but almost none of them are willing to take a closer look at the elephant in the room: the vaccines.

Independent media is all over the jab issue, but where are our representatives? Are they too afraid of getting on Big Pharma’s bad side to call out the shots as the mass genocide they are?

“A number of Republicans appear interested in investigating further but everyone is afraid of upsetting big pharma,” writes attorney Thomas Renz on his Substack newsletter.

“After printing billions of dollars and giving the money to the pharmaceutical industry, it seems our politicians are afraid to annoy them prior to the election.”

Renz is perplexed that the very same people who expect us to vote for them this November have an aversion to doing any of the things we actually want them to do, including holding the plandemic perpetrators responsible for their crimes against humanity.

“The problem is that these same people are asking us to vote for them so they can, presumably, fight for us. My question is, if they are going to fight for us why won’t they commit to it prior to the election by coming out strongly on this issue?” Renz wants to know.

“The political calculations seem cowardly to me.”

Running on an expose-the-plandemic platform would be an easy win this November, so why isn’t anyone doing it?

Renz is of the belief that Democrats will never investigate the scamdemic. Even if some of them quietly want to, it is politically incorrect for anyone on the left to question anything about the matter.

That is because Democrats like the Biden crime family are directly linked to the creation and unleashing of the alleged virus. Many of them also made boatloads of cash from the multi-year plandemic – and this includes Tony Fauci, whose net worth tripled (at least).

“The apparent connections between Hunter Biden, Metabiota, and the lab creation of SARS-COV2 are simply too strong and politically uncomfortable,” Renz says.

“The main question for the Democrats is whether the President is using his political position to suppress real investigations into the origins of SARS-COV2 because of the potential embarrassment it would cause for the public to find out his son may have made money off of the creation.”

Renz also points out that politicians from both parties have an easy opportunity to win the election this November by standing on this issue. Anyone promising to get to the bottom of the scamdemic would easily win, so why is nobody doing it?

Why are politicians more focused on the January 6 “insurrection,” where a grand total of one person died, when the Fauci Flu is responsible for the deaths of 6.5 million people globally – and many more millions from the jabs?

“They can campaign on providing accountability but must have the courage to do so,” Renz says.

“This pandemic has destroyed economies, slaughtered millions, and cut across every demographic. It has not discriminated; it has simply killed. The question is, have special interests now become so powerful as to limit our elected officials’ capacity to demand justice for 6.5 million people? If so, I think we can officially say we have bigger problems than January 6.”

The latest news about the scamdemic can be found at

Ethan Huff

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