by Dr. Edward Group
Suntrex D3™ is a natural vitamin D3 supplement formula that boosts the immune system, assists with calcium absorption, promotes brain health, and more.Authors of a new study [1] have concluded that males with a low level of Vitamin D, a fat-soluble vitamin, are more likely to suffer a heart attack.There are a variety of clinical studies showing that the death rates attributed to cardiovascular diseases grow during winter months. Conversely, the opposite was found at lower altitudes. This background pattern was expressed in the author’s article, published in the June 9 edition of the journal, Archives of Internal Medicine.
In conjunction with a team from the Department of Epidemiology at Harvard School of Public Health, Edward Giovannucci, M.D., Sc.D., analyzed medical records and blood samples of 454 men, aged 40-75, all of whom have suffered from fatal heart diseases or had previously suffered non-fatal heart attacks.Researchers compared it with the medical records and blood samples of 900 men, still living, who never had any of the same heart complications.

What they found was that males with Vitamin D deficiency or those who merely meet the “intermediate” levels of Vitamin D, were more at risk of heart attack, compared to those with a healthy amount of Vitamin D in their diet. Researchers concluded that their results supported the idea that Vitamin D deficiency increases the risk of heart attack, and possibly death.

They added that their findings support the need to enhance Vitamin D levels in the body to reduce this problem.

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Where Do We Get Vitamin D?

Vitamin D is an essential vitamin and is referred to as the “sunshine vitamin.” Sun exposure prompts our bodies produce vitamin D naturally. Sun exposure for as little as 10 to 15 minutes, 3 times a week is enough time to produce sufficient quantities of vitamin D. Unless you get very little “sun time,” there’s really no need to get vitamin D from your diet or Vitamin D supplements.

When vitamin D is manufactured in the body, the excess can remain in the body for months. During sunny months, you can increase your vitamin D levels by increasing your time in the sun.

Vitamin D plays a very important role in your body’s health by promoting the absorption of magnesium and calcium. These substances are vital to the healthy development of bones and teeth. Vitamin D also helps to keep adequate levels of phosphorus and calcium in the blood.

If necessary, vitamin D supplements can be taken to meet your body’s needs. It should be noted that vegans often choose Vitamin D2 labeled items instead of Vitamin D3.

The Difference Between Vitamin D2 and Vitamin D3

Vitamin D2, named ergocalciferol, is produced by irradiating plants to produce yeasts. Vitamin D3 comes from animal sources. Its manufacturing base can come from cattle brains, sheep wool, hides and fish.

Suntrex D3™ is a natural vitamin D3 supplement formula that boosts the immune system, assists with calcium absorption, promotes brain health, and more.

References (1)
  1. Edward Giovannucci MD ScD, Yan Liu MS, Bruce W. Hollis MD PhD, Eric B. Rimm ScD. 25-Hydroxyvitamin D and Risk of Myocardial Infarction in Men. Archives of Internal Medicine. 2008 June 9;168(11):1174-1180.

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