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juicing-for-weight-lossTurning to juicing when you’re trying to lose weight will help you do more than simply shed pounds and be a nutritious food source that supplies your body with high quality calories to be used for energy. If you had previously consumed a diet with unhealthy food with toxins, an immediate switch to raw, organic, fruit and vegetable juices will also allow your body to begin detoxification. Fruits and vegetable juice is easily digestible, highly absorbable, and gives the body the high quality energy source it needs to function.

One functional aspect is the process of burning excess fat. This is not only the result of reduced calorie intake. The liver is the body’s primary organ for metabolizing fats. When toxins overload the liver, it has to use more energy to perform its normal function. Juicing for weight loss helps boost the liver’s energy levels so that it can resume its normal fat burning activity. Not only does this take off the pounds, but it also helps the liver cleanse itself.

Drink Your Vegetables

Elevate Your Health with MoringaI strongly urge you to drink vegetable juices as well as fruit juices. Most people are in agreement that fruit juices taste great because of the natural sugars they contain. While fresh juice has many healthy components, the sugar content cannot be discounted. It’s also important to mention that you should make your juice yourself. Avoid grocery store juice. Most are not organic, and many contain artificial sweeteners and other ingredients that are not good for your health. Most are also pasteurized.

Purchase a good juicer is a great idea and they are available at all price points. This device will allow you to extract the liquid directly from organic fruits and vegetables. This is more practical than running around all over town trying to find all-organic fruit juice and vegetable juices. Some vegetable juices, as a matter of fact, may not be readily available, and others will cost you more in the long run than simply buying a simple tool that can help you extract the fluids yourself.

It is essential that you include a range of vegetable juices. Tomatoes, peppers, carrots, celery, cucumber… each of them contain amazing compounds- a complete profile of the spectrum is ideal. Organic kale, spinach, celery, and broccoli are particularly important because they have antioxidants and health-promoting qualities. You can also help boost your blood sugar levels during this time with juices from leafy green vegetables and herbs such as cilantro.

Expect Results

As long as you follow a plan with discipline, juicing for weight loss can produce impressive results in a matter of days. Some people lose as many as 10 pounds per week while fasting with vegetable and fruit juices.

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