liver-infographicAre you aware of the incredible functions of your liver?

  • The liver produces bile to break down lipids, insulin, and hormones.
  • It metabolizes proteins by converting amino acids into glucose to produce energy.
  • It cleanses the body by removing wastes and toxins from your blood to be excreted.

A Toxic Liver Needs Detoxification

Modern society has major implications on our livers – from alcohol indulgence at social events, to the consumption of our favorite fried treats, to absorbing elements such as fluoride from our water – toxins assault our bodily systems on a daily basis. So what happens when your liver is overwhelmed with foreign elements and toxic waste? Just like a car that needs an oil change, the liver won’t operate at the highest efficiency possible.

The Liver Cleanse Kit is the comprehensive approach to cleansing. The kit includes Livatrex®, Oxy-Powder®, and the probiotic supplement, Latero-Flora™.Health Benefits of a Liver Cleanse Include:

Promoting a Strong Liver

There are many steps you can take to promote a healthy liver, including increasing healthy habits like reducing your alcohol intake and increasing consumption of liver boosting foods. Starting off with a liver cleanse is one of the best way to kick-start your healthy liver habits and detoxify your body.

Visit our Liver Cleansing Portal to view the full instructions and learn more about detoxifying your liver.

Liver Cleanse Recommendations

While Epsom salts and olive oil are the basis of any good liver cleanse, there are ways to help increase the effectiveness of your liver cleanse routine. Global Healing Center has developed several all-natural herbal formulas, including Livatrex®, which promote a healthy liver. To help you get started with taking control of your liver health, we created the Liver Cleanse Kit™. This Health Kit includes step-by-step instructions to walk you through the cleanse. The Liver Cleanse Kit has a multi-tiered approach that uses the power of Livatrex to kick start your liver’s natural cleansing abilities and Oxy-Powder to facilitate toxin removal.

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One thought on “Love Your Liver by Cleansing It! Global Healing Center Infographic

  1. two childhood friends both have liver damage from taking Methyltrexate fir pain. Ine has complete liver damage; LVL 4 Ca damage -but she is not cancerous and the other has multiple pre-cancerous liver cysts. Is there anything that can be done?


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