The 10 most common nutrition mistakes – are you still doing any of these?

Our Thyroid Health Kit™ provides the essential nutrients you need to support normal, healthy thyroid levels including iodine, selenium, and more.What is “deformed” food? In different ways food can be deformed in a laboratory or it can become deformed. When scientists genetically modify food, it means they take genes from a plant or animal that naturally kill certain bugs, worms and weeds, and then work it into the seedlings of crops and produce. Often, the result is warped food that can cause digestive tract health detriment, leading to cancer of vital organs, which has been proven thoroughly by scientific research. Eating GMOs is just the beginning of bad habits (nutrition mistakes) that lead to bad consequences from malnutrition and warped food.

So where do so many “health-minded” people go wrong? Is it THAT difficult to figure out how to get clean nutrients without all the mutated, Franken-food ingredients? It just takes a little digging to find out.

Not only do GMOs decimate good gut bacteria, but they warp human cells also, as these deformed human cells begin multiplying uncontrollably, then find weakened tissue and attack. Common forms of cancer from GMOs are of the breast(s), colon, kidneys, bladder, and pancreas. Pancreatic cancer is the most deadly of all, killing off 90 percent of its victims.

Now let’s talk about adulterated food. To adulterate means to render something poorer in quality by adding inferior substances, and when we’re talking about food or medicine, often the entire product’s ingredients list contains adulterated substances. This is not good.

Millions of Americans buy products that contain a long list of ingredients most people cannot even pronounce, much less use to determine if they come from nature at all. America pushes “preservatives” as a good thing, but more times than not, they are evil additives that are made from chemicals.

America pushes fluoride as “good for your teeth” and for “fighting cavities,” but at what cost? Cancer and brittle bones. Let’s get back to basics and break this all down, so you can begin filtering the most common food, beverage, vitamin and medicine poisons out of your intake.

The 10 most COMMON nutrition mistakes many people make every day, with food, snacks, beverages and even vitamins

#1. Thinking “gluten-free” automatically means the product is healthy

#2. Consuming conventional “whole grains” instead of organic fiber

#3. Drinking tap water that still has toxic fluoride in it

#4. Believing “organic, expeller-pressed” canola oil makes it a healthy choice

#5. Eating yogurt to get probiotics (it’s usually dairy-based and loaded with sugar)

#6. Using a microwave oven to heat up food, especially animal-based products

#7. Assuming “certified organic” labeling automatically means the product is good for you (could still be loaded with heavy metal toxins and canola oil)

#8. Over-cooking food to the extent it loses most or all of its nutritional value (think deep fry, barbecue, twice-baked, etc)

#9. Thinking a cheap multivitamin is GOOD for you, when it’s mostly chemical waste from a pharma-owned chemical conglomerate

#10. Under-estimating the power of vitamin C, D and zinc during the pandemic (and always)

Microwave ovens destroy nutritional value within minutes by violently agitating water molecules until the food becomes deformed 

Did you know ‘nukers’ can deform your food and erode nutrition? The water molecules vibrate so fast, creating friction — that’s how your food heats up — and that’s why the plastic or cardboard containers don’t usually get hot (they don’t contain water). But if you over-nuke the food, you’ll notice meat and bread gets very chewy (inedible). Research shows that animal products and by-products lose nutritional value the longer they are nuked.

Microwave ovens use molecular friction (chaos) that decimates the delicate molecules of vitamins and phytonutrients, that are the plant’s natural medicines. A study revealed that nuking vegetables destroys 97 percent of the nutritional content, ruining the food’s ability to enhance health and boost immune function. That’s why they call it “nuking” food because you’re blowing up the nutrient value entirely.

Tune your truth news station to and find out why clean, organic coffee is really good for you and your gut.

S.D. Wells 

Sources for this article include:

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