Canadian reporter suffers medical episode on live television – was it covid jabs?

Organic Support for a Strong Immune SystemWhile on location covering the news, CTV Edmonton reporter Jessica Robb suffered a sudden medical episode live on air that left her ill and unable to continue.

Robb was speaking with network anchor Nahreman Issa when she suddenly started slurring words and repeating herself. Robb then apologized to Issa before stating:

“I’m, I’m, I’m not feeling very well right now, and I’m about to just …”

Robb was unable to continue as Issa interjected with:

“Okay, we’ll come back to you and we’ll make sure that Jessica, you are doing okay.”

The side-by-side camera view was still on the screen as Issa was speaking, showing Robb stumbling around on camera before completely cutting away.

“We will make sure that Jessica is okay and we will give you guys an update a little bit later to make sure that she is doing all right. She is not alone. She is with photog operators.”

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Jessica Robb later tells her Twitter followers “I’m okay” before making her account private

In a follow-up later that day, Robb took to Twitter to state:

“I won’t bury the lede: I’m okay … Thank you to everyone who has reached, my cameraman @Stmcclune for being there for me, & @NahremanIssaCTV for being an absolute pro (as usual).”

Interestingly, Robb then proceeded to make her Twitter account private, as did Issa. CTV Edmonton‘s main Twitter page took over from there, stating:

“PROGRAMMING NOTE: Thanks to everyone who inquired about our reporter who became ill during the 6 p.m. News. Jessica Robb is feeling better and is now resting.”

In the age of Operation Warp Speed, the public’s natural reaction to Robb’s incident – which is anything but rare these days – was to assume that her woozy behavior on camera was caused by covid “vaccines.” Robb was quick to deny this, calling it “baseless theories.”

Robb says the support she received following the incident has “been overwhelming,” and that she appreciates “every single” message she has received. At the same time, Robb says she is now the target of “an overwhelming amount of harassment and hatred, tied to false theories about the reason for the incident.”

“Anti-vaxxers,” Robb says, are now sending her messages stating that they believe she suffered an adverse reaction on air, seeing as how she has gotten injected three times, according to reports.

When asked for clarification by these people, Robb denied their requests, stating that she will “not share private medical information publicly,” further adding that there is no reason for anyone to be concerned.

“I can, however, confirm that the situation was in no way related to the Covid-19 vaccine,” Robb declared.

Robb was joined by a chorus of pro-vaxxer supporters, including someone named Danica Ferris who tweeted that those concerned about Robb with regard to her covid jab status are guilty of trying “to fit some wacko, radical narrative by the rats of the internet.”

“Proud of you for your resilience & courage through it all,” a virtue-signaling Ferris further gushed.

“As a fellow reporter, I’m so glad you’re doing well and feeling better,” wrote another named Miriam Valdes-Carletti. “I’m sorry you’ve had to deal with all that hate on top of it. You’re incredibly strong.”

On and on and on the laud came as pro-vaxxer extremists praised Robb for ignoring their concerns and continuing on with her “strong” and “brave” resolve.

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Ethan Huff

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