antioxidantsIf you’re a regular reader of this blog or follow my twitter account, you probably know that I’m a big believer of eating healthy and following a raw food diet.

On a daily basis, I personally eat as many raw seeds, nuts, fruits and veggies as I can, all uncooked and unprocessed. I eat about 95% raw but still have organic veggie soup or some cooked veggies or beans from time to time. I have also experimented with a raw fruitarian diet where I only ate fruit for a couple of months. I must say, that was pretty hard.

When food is “prepared” below 116°F, it is considered “raw,” because once your food hits this temperature range, it starts to lose its essential nutrients and enzymes that your body needs. Raw foods are considered “live” food which means extra energy and a healthier life for you.
Global Healing Center® is a leading natural health provider offering natural and organic supplements, cleanses, and a wealth of free natural health articles.Over the last few years, I’ve read many websites and articles about raw foods and the benefits/dangers associated with this diet. Over this time, I have also discovered many great resources to help you with this lifestyle change. In my opinion, there is no better resource for raw foods and following a “raw lifestyle” than I can’t tell you how much time I have spent surfing around on this site. Not only are Matt and Angela Monarch the leaders in following a raw food lifestyle, but they also provide you with exercise equipment, books and videos, herbal supplements and many other accessories you need to live a happy and healthy life.

Raw Foods Radio & TV Show

One of my favorite aspects of is their radio and TV shows. They bring you the latest info and interviews with their favorite raw food advocates. If you miss the live interviews, you can always download the mp3 and listen to it at your leisure, which is what I do most of the time.

Raw Foods & Weight Loss

Another interesting aspect of is the story of Angela Stokes. She’s a co-owner of the site, as well as regular blogger/owner of Since 2001, she has lost over 160lbs because of her raw lifestyle. You can read more about her incredible weight loss journey on her site, as well as order some of her e-books I would highly recommend implementing more raw foods into your daily diet. It doesn’t have to be an immediate change. In fact, it’s probably best to slowly eat more and more raw foods. For more help on following a raw lifestyle, you should definitely go check out everything that can offer you.
The Gut Health Kit is a program to cleanse, balance, and support your digestive system by combining four of our top products and a healthy diet.

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