by Dr. Edward Group

leaky-gut-blog-300x200Your gut is a semi-permeable organ; this means things can pass back and forth into your body. Sometimes, things like poor diet, stress, or toxins can lead to a condition called intestinal hyperpermeability. [1] Basically, your gut has become too permeable because of irritation, and partially undigested food and toxins can pass back into your bloodstream. This can lead to a lot of health issues, but there are things you can do to plug up that leaky gut. Changing your diet is one great place to start.

4 Things That Worsen Leaky Gut

The Gut Health Kit is a program to cleanse, balance, and support your digestive system by combining four of our top products and a healthy diet.If you suffer from leaky gut, you should definitely make it your goal to avoid these!

1. Alcohol

Alcohol suppresses production of hormones called prostaglandins, which help keep irritation in check. [2] A low supply of prostaglandins can, then, lead to swelling in the gut. Drinking alcohol can also keep necessary nutrients from flowing back into the bloodstream. If you have leaky gut, avoiding alcohol altogether is your safest bet.

2. Sugar

Sugar can cause leaky gut because any amount of sugar can actually “feed” yeast and bad bacteria in the body, leading to gut irritation. And if you already suffer from leaky gut, sugar will just continue to make a bad problem worse.

3. Dairy

Leaky gut can often lead to food intolerances, with dairy being one possibility. If you have leaky gut, consider getting your dairy from sources other than cows, since cow dairy products contain proteins called A1 and A2 beta-casein. [3] Unlike its counterpart, A2-beta casein is suggested as more digestible in those with leaky gut, but finding dairy without A1 can be problematic as, right now, the majority of dairy products in the U.S. and Canada come from A1-producing cows.

4. Gluten

As the sticky stuff in most grain products, gluten acts as a binder in foods. For many with leaky gut, gluten intolerance is simply par for the course. Consider eating gluten-free to help soothe a leaky gut. In many studies, removing gluten from the diet has even helped repair intestinal function. [4]

What’s the Best Support for Leaky Gut?

Certainly avoiding these four items is a good start in promoting good, gut healthy. There’s also evidence to suggest that GMO foods and the Bt toxin are linked to leaky gut. Conversely, one of the things you can do to encourage a more healthy and normal gut environment is introducing helpful bacteria, also known as probiotics. If you’re not taking a probiotic supplement and need a suggestion, I’d recommend checking out our new, advanced probiotic formula — Floratrex™. It contains a blend of the 23 best probiotic strains available and even contains prebiotics. Do your homework and compare, you won’t find a better product.

Oxy-Powder® is a safe and effective colon cleanse product that harnesses the power of oxygen to gently cleanse and detoxify the entire digestive tract.

How have you coped with leaky gut? Leave a comment below and share your experience.

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