COVID-19 vaccines used to kill people in what is shaping to be the largest genocide in history

Detoxadine® is a premium, deep-earth sourced nascent iodine supplement that was created to help support thyroid health, the immune system, and more.Numerous intel briefings from military and scientific experts showed that the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines are bioweapons that deliver payloads for mass genocide and dehumanization. CRISPR technology is being used to alter human genes, and they have graphene oxide as hardware to get inside the body.

In a clip from the “Dr. Jane Ruby Show,” the host said people are being injected with hardware and repeated injections are bringing software under the guise of helping people avoid what is essentially the flu.

A German researcher said his team is working on a transporter system to deliver payloads supposedly for targeting and delivering medications to difficult places in the body. Graphene microbubbles are used as transporters, but the payload could be anything else. It could be drugs, gene signals through modified RNA synthetic strands or unknown chemicals and entities that are likely designed to be deployed later.

Numerous scientists behind the scenes are also concerned that some of the entities can be programed for later: in months, even years. Vaccine manufacturers are also testing to see how people are tolerating them physically, maybe even mentally.

Ruby also said there had been people emailing her about the effect of the vaccines, making them more aggressive and short-tempered. While Ruby noted that she didn’t really have a response to these observations as they are not scientific, she did mention that the number of queries she received has been more frequent.

She also mentioned the presence of carbon nanotubes that engage with people’s brains and short-circuit them.

“It’s all boiling down to three focal points. Mass genocide, building and controlling hybrid people from within and thirdly, inserting and testing circuitry in humans,” Ruby said.

She also shared that there is a particular theory emerging that indicates there are many different components to this bioweapon that must be injected at different time points in an effort to mimic biochemical reaction, to make the weapon as close to what the body would normally do.

Essentially, what is happening in the body is that there are multiple programs going on at once. First is distributing graphene intra-body for future circuitry. The graphene flagship project has been given billions of dollars worldwide to develop all kinds of sub-technology. (Related: Robert F. Kennedy Jr. warns that Fauci, Gates are committing mass genocide against humanity.)

It plays a role in circuitry, in possibly one of the components, or part of the components in the lipid nano transporter that moves the synthetic mRNA into different cells in the human body. The second program that is happening is the use of multiple HIV proteins. It is being postulated to disarm a person’s immune system and weaken it. The third program is the use of COVID boosters, which are being forced on people.

Genocidal globalist

Dr. Mylo Canderian recently became popular on social media because of his genocidal views. It is still not clear if he’s a true person or just a fictional character, but many call him the “genocidal globalist” because he’s supposedly very supportive of Klaus Schwab and the “Great Reset.”

Canderian follows the Precept Ten of the Georgia Guidestones that posits there should only be half a billion people on the planet.

The Georgia Guidestones are granite monuments erected over four decades ago in Elbert County, Georgia. It sets ten guidelines, the first of which states: Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.

It is Canderian’s opinion that 95 percent of the world’s population are “useless eaters” who need to be euthanized as quickly as possible. He is confident that the vaccines will put an end to the “human cancer upon the earth.”

The graphene oxide in vaccines plays a huge role in that.

Any hematologist could see within seconds under a microscope the percentage of blood affected or contaminated by graphene oxide, which shows the end of cycle calculation.

To illustrate, a vaccinated person who has 20 percent graphene oxide deterioration in their blood will live for eight years (10 years less 20 percent). A person with 70 percent graphene oxide deterioration, meanwhile, will not live more than three years.

In Canderian’s viewpoint, it is easy. Let them all die. (Related: As covid injections spread autoimmune disease and “VAIDS,” media pivots to incoming AIDS “vaccine” that will only accelerate the vaccine genocide.)

“The more shots and boosters the imbeciles get, the worse their blood will look under a microscope, and the quicker they will turn to fertilizer,” he said.

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Watch the video below to learn more about how Big Pharma and scientists are delivering payloads for mass genocide.

“Vaccines” are delivering payloads for mass genocide and dehumanization

This video is from the FalconsCAFE Sharing is caring channel on

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Mary Villareal 

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